Saturday, August 13, 2005


The thing about being freelance is that you can dictate your own hours of work, which is great obviously (when you've got work to do). But being freelance and working from home means that you're pretty much tuned into work at all times. The computer's always there, tempting you to switch on; check emails, surf the net, fiddle with ideas, do some writing, or all of the above. (ok, maybe not the writing bit as the others are all cool tools of procrastination, a default position I'm trying to rid).

So it's Saturday afternoon and I'm fiddling with ideas and updating this blog. Bear with me with the blog by the way. I'm not that technically gifted so I'm building the site slowly with links and what nots. Hopefully, this will be a blog where fellow scriptwriters, readers, execs (who knows), heck just about anyone, can share their wit and wisdom about how to sustain a career in the UK film industry. Which, let's face it, is difficult.

I think screenwriting opportunities in the UK is like trying to squeeze 50,000 people into a gap where only 50 can fit. Most of us are stuck in the queue, and it's frustrating and full of rejection, but if you hang on in there with determination, luck and talent (and perhaps meet a few people who can help you jump the queue), a place should open up in that special gap of opportunity. Not sure how good that simile is but I like the image.

Okay, I'm going to try to upload a photo now. My first step into learning how the blog trimmings actually work.


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