Friday, August 12, 2005


Just started this blog today. The thing to do nowadays it seems.

Anyway, this is all about my work as a scriptwriter/scriptreader and what it's like and how I feel about it on a day to day basis.

On my way into town right now to pick up a couple of scripts to read as well as collect my three minute short film - On the Death of His Wife - which has undergone a sound synch & revamp. And for free! I am blessed. The film cost nothing to make as I borrowed the camera, got two amateur actors (who did a great job), and came up with an idea to accommodate a no-budget scenario. Editing has been the most crucial part of the process but luckily I've been able to blag & ask favours of people I know and people who've never heard of me. The latter doing the sound synch, amazing.

So there you go. First post. I need to lie down.


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