Monday, August 22, 2005

High Concept

After stating earlier that I don't read that many scripts anymore, I have taken on an obscene number for this week. I've just finished my latest episode of Doctors (not for broadcast until Feb 2006 mind) and completed the rewrite of my Irish drama for Parallel. So, I realised I could either (a) sit back and relax for a bit or (b) do some script reading anyway as cash from writing is always slow to come in, even when it's approved & signed off.

Coincidentally, the Irish Film Board phoned me up and asked if I was free to read a batch of scripts. Normally, a production company/studio would give you two or three scripts to read for the week (as they like to spread the scripts evenly with their group of readers) but the IFB give you a large bunch (usually between 15-20) and let you get on with it. I'm expecting a box of 18 to arrive any minute now. And I've got three others to do for another production company I recently started reading for, so it's difficult to say 'no'.

So the picture of me and the mountain of scripts will be an accurate representation of my work this week. While I was away this week-end, I was thinking of what I could write for today's post and 'high concept' is always an area that needs a good once-over. But I've got to get stuck into those scripts so for now, here's an excellent article by Steve Kaire at the Writers' Store. His photo's a bit 'nyah!' but he knows what he's talking about. Check it out
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