Saturday, August 13, 2005

Photo success

Successfully uploaded a photo, so am quite pleased although I realise I may be conning myself that I've a natural gift with computers because the easy step-by-step quide to publishing the photo was quite useful I suppose...

Also, I don't read this amount of scripts anymore. I used to on a weekly basis, plus books, but it's too time consuming now and I've managed to get a few of my own scripts off the ground, which means I can focus more time on writing and less on reading. Hurrah. But script reading is invaluable to know what's out there, why it's selling, what's good about it, what's rubbish etc. I read about two a week now, which is perfectly manageable, and I'm always learning new stuff about the craft with the wide variety of scripts that are out there.

It's great reading scripts & getting paid to do so but if not, Drew's Script-O-Rama is a must. I'll figure out to put up a link soon but for now, it can be found at

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