Friday, September 02, 2005


Ireland, A Novel by Frank Delaney has just hit the bookstands. I was casually checking it out in Waterstone’s before a meeting yesterday and the first thing I do, with any book, is check out the writer’s acknowledgements/note at the beginning. Although they can be bland ‘thank yous’ to people you’ve never heard of or are never likely to meet, you usually get a better sense of the writer’s personal tone and intent.

Mr Delaney’s note was an elegant and reverent acknowledgement to the history of Irish storytelling but I was particularly taken by his last sentence when he said: “…storytelling - from wherever it comes - forms a layer in the foundation of the world; and glinting in it we see the trace elements of every tribe on earth.” It’s my birthday at the end of the month so if anyone’s tearing their hair out wondering what to buy, then this book would be a welcome purchase. That and some West Wing DVDs, and The Sopranos of course, oh and that new razor where a F1 jet flies through your bathroom everytime you have a shave. Can I get one of those?

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James Henry said...

I think the magic razor where the jet flies through the window is really more of a christmas thing...