Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Afternoon Play

If you haven’t seen it already, you can now check out my no-budget short, On the Death of His Wife, on Channel 4’s film website. It’s been chosen as this week’s ‘short of the week’. You can even place a vote and review it so feel free to go all Barry Norman on my ass.

Due to last week’s brief hiatus, I was unable to pick up any emails or staggering offers of work but one email in particular caught my interest. It’s the BBC’s Afternoon Play. No, not for radio, for BBC TV during daytime. It made its debut on BBC 1 in January 2003. The quality of the writing has ensured a wealth of popular and well-loved talent taking part in the plays. And now they’re looking to commission the next series of five one-hour stand alone dramas.

The only drawback is that the deadline is the end of the month which doesn’t give me, or you, a lot of time to submit. However, all they’re looking for at the moment is a one or two page outline (synopsis) so it’s not unimaginable to conceive something over the next few days that might be suitable. It may be too near the deadline but it's probably worth a shot nonetheless. Anyway, here’s the brief as outlined in the email:

“Characterised by bold ideas, and vibrant, aspirational stories, the strand is made up of standalone, one-hour dramas, with an emphasis on strong writing and the promotion of writers' visions and voices.

Transmitted on BBC1 in the afternoon, this critically-acclaimed strand is high concept and with an uplifting or inspirational theme - it's quite a flexible format in terms of content within this brief, always bearing in mind the tonality of daytime - but not as a barrier to taking risks. Any genre is open, except sci-fi and horror, but high concept 'real life' relationship based ideas tend to work better than ones that require a huge leap of faith (i.e. magic etc).

Submissions should take the form of a 1 to 2-page, easy-to-read synopsis.”

Oh, and here’s a bit of important info about writing for Doctors: “Due to the Doctors’ team involvement with the Writing Academy, and due to their general workload, they will not be actively looking at new writers until spring 2006. However, when their doors open again, they will consider strong calling card scripts. The best way to follow this up is through the BBC writersroom, which deals with promoting new writing talent to Doctors.“

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James Henry said...

Re C4 film thing, as we would say in Warcraft: /clap.

This produces an animation of your character applauding. Possibly it's more impressive in the game.