Monday, October 03, 2005

Agent advice

This from Matt Connell at Berlin Associates.

"A one-page outline of a chosen script along with an introductory letter is sometimes helpful. From an agents' perspective anyway.... it's not always easy to spot a good script from a one-page, but it's very easy to spot a bad one.

We couldn't care less about fancy binding etc - 1 fastener thingy is fine. The less showy the better.

Any half-decent agency would NEVER contemplate stealing unsolicited ideas, so we always get a bit miffed when people are over-protective of their material and ask us to sign forms etc - you'd be surprised how many people do this and it gives the wrong impression.

The most important thing by far is evidence that you're a writer (wannabe or not), rather than someone who's just written a script about their childhood/ex-girlfriend/pet dog/grandad in WW1.

Do your research - don't waste time and money sending scripts to book agencies that don't deal with scripts/don't send your novel to script agenies etc.

An initial enquiry (phone/email) is always fine, but very few agencies (if any) will accept script submissions by email.

Don't b/s (too much) on CVs - agents will see through this."

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