Sunday, October 30, 2005

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

For those in this country who are unaware of this American publication, and hence the weekly free e-mail newsletter CS Weekly, let me say this: subscribe to both straight away. If you’re not swayed by their practical and illuminating features and interviews in the mag, at least sign up to the free e-mail newsletter where they kindly inform you of the latest news, sales and internet interviews related to all things screenwriting. Reviews and comments are made from a writer’s point-of-view instead of the generic film critic mode of other so-called respectable practitioners.

Aside from Screen International in the UK, it’s the only other screen trade mag that I subscribe to and I would feel bereft if it didn’t wing its way over from the States to my humble doormat every month. It’s become a fine tool for both procrastination and inspiration; the editors and contributors are nearly all working screenwriters with respectable credits and experience. A must-have.


The Hatfield said...

Yeah, man CS is my bible too.

Anonymous said...

first time ive been on this site, i want to get in to script reading any ideas?