Thursday, October 27, 2005

More BBC stuff

While I try to rack my brains to come up with an idea in time for the Afternoon Play, why not follow the links to find the description of development priorities for BBC Films, BBC Drama and CBBC.

BBC Films.

BBC Drama.


Also, here’s some interesting details about a TV Drama Writers’ Festival the Beeb are going to organise early next year. I don’t know how you apply for a place yet but take a look at the schedule for now:

TV Drama Writers’ Festival: 17 – 19 Feb 2006

A national festival giving professional writers the chance to exchange, develop and debate TV Drama in a fast changing world, with sessions from leading writers

For discussion:

• The writer in a multi channel world
• Innovation in action
• The writer as producer
• The challenges of writing for a long runner
• True Drama: fact v. fiction
• The art, the craft, the business of TV Drama
• From theatre to TV (West Yorkshire Playhouse)
• Representing the reality of Britain today - the writer's responsibility?
• The American influence - good or bad?

We'll be organising a couple of public screenings and Q&As (we may be premiering Tony Marchant's new serial), we're going to try and get a drama shot and cut and shown in the week before, using the latest cheap technology, and we'll have continuous screenings of archive and contemporary drama running in various spaces.

Writers/Execs to lead sessions (to be confirmed)

Paul Abbot, Jimmy McGovern, Debbie Horsfield, Tony Marchant, Tony Jordan, John Fay, Jane Tranter, John Yorke, Nicola Schindler, John Whiston, Tony Garnett, Kay Mellor, Ruth Caleb, Lucy Gannon, Sharon Foster, Russell T Davis, Stephen Butchard, Pete Bowker, Roy Williams, Peter Flannery, Alan Bleasdale, Adrian Hodges, Peter Kosminsky, Kwame Kwei Armah, Jed Mecurio, Burn it, Abi Morgan, Paul Greengrass Terry Cafolla, Andrew Davies

Draft Schedule


pm - Reception
-Key note speech
-Premiere screening


am- group 1 or group 2
am -group 1 or group 2 group 3 or group 4

Lunch + screening

pm - key note speech 2 + viewing
pm – group 4 or group 5 or group 6 or group7


pm Screening of new work
Optional entertainment (writers pub quiz)

am - Jane Tranter in conversation with……..

Around the event will be screens with selected dramas to watch - TV dramas that most inspired the panellists

100 places to professional writers who apply (must have TV credit)
50 places allocated to Regional Screen Agencies to nominate and support key new talent
50 places allocated to execs and BBC nominees

Opportunity to announce winner(s) of TV series competition

£100 fee


Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

Top blog, very informative, regarding your previous posting about Afternoon TV play slot/deadline, how do you go about submitting an idea, do you have to have an agent/producer attached? I looked on the new writers site and there is no mention of it.

Your sample scripts on other site are great, any chance of putting out the complete scripts for Bloodline/Punchbowl, dying to know what happens next.

C P Healey

Danny Stack said...

Thanks C P.

I think it's probably send via an agent - that's how I heard about it - but you could try the writersroom to see if they would consider forwarding it to Will Trotter, the exec in charge of the slot.

As for Bloodline & Punchbowl, you'll just have to wait until they hit the cinema! Which could happen...sometime...soon...this century...maybe...not.