Wednesday, November 02, 2005

BBC Drama Opportunity

The BBC have announced a terrific opportunity to get a prime-time, hour long, stand-alone drama on BBC One for broadcast summer of next year. And you don't need to have an agent nor do you need to have prior television experience.

"We want a good mix of writers, and this can include writers who are completely new to television.

[The plays] can be about anything. We want a good mix of subject and tone, but they should have a strong story and be character-driven.

They must be mainstream, contemporary and UK based, but they should be bold and ambitious and want to challenge, question and provoke.

We are looking for ideas that are from the heart - on a subject, or exploring an issue, that you are passionate about."

For full details - go to the BBC writersroom HERE.

This is it, this is what you've been waiting for. Go for it.


Maura said...

Wow. Thanks Danny. :)

Scott the Reader said...

I'm amused by the firm November 31st deadline, because the date doesn't exist.

Otherwise, it all sounds good.

Danny Stack said...

Ah yes, the little known November leap year, only applicable in the UK, naturally...

Cheryl said...

Bugger, missed it. Not that I know how to lay out a script etc etc. So I guess now I can be disappointed safely, without confronting any self-defeatist issues. Ooh, thats nice.

Found you via britblog / blogging brits / something - glad I did, and sorry my forst comment is buried here in the archives.

Please don't return the visit; yet, I haven't hoovered my brain this month and like to appear sane for first time callers.