Saturday, November 12, 2005

New Look

Sorry, I cracked. I. Just. Couldn't. Take. Those. (F****g). Pink. Links. Anymore.

Every time I'd check my favourite blogs, I'd come back to my page to find it blinked into invisibility because of the pink links. This doesn't happen for everyone, I know, but it was driving me nuts.

So there you are.

However, I didn't realise I'd lose most of my links and what nots. It's taken me months to get this far (I'm such a non-techie head) so give me a few days to restore the blog back to what it was with the links and previous posts.

I would link to Lee Thomson's blog - I think it's - and his counter discussion to my argument that we should want to write for more UK TV rather than ignore it in favour of US fare. It sparked off some interesting comments by UK writer Stephen Gallagher and Canadian scribe Dennis at Dead Things On Sticks blog.

It's Saturday, tea-time. It was a good day of international sport (rugby & football) so I'm off for a few beers and a chicken casserole before I settle down for the (pen?)ultimate episode of Jed Murcurio's uncompromising medical drama Bodies on BBC3. I'll get round to bringing the blog back up to scratch over the weekend...


James Moran said...

Ugh, happened to me the first time I switched templates. Never again - which is why I now have 8000 copies of my template text in various files scattered over the world.

If it's any use, a Google cache of your page is here:

View the page source, and you can copy all the link sections and things, and shove them back into your new template fairly painlessly. Give us a shout if you want a hand, I've spent ages farting around with my own template.

Lee said...

Hey, looks better.

No "p" in Thomson, by the

Excuse the shamles self-promotion!

Danny Stack said...

James, you're my hero.

Not sure how to align the margins for the links section but I'm not too bothered. Or should I be? Bloggers are fussy peeps after all.

Lee said...

You've left your ul tags open after the "Links", and "Screenwriting Blogs" sections. Change them to /ul and everything will snap back into place.

Incidentally, you've also left some of the link tabs open, in these and "The Good Stuff" section. That's why the last design kept lighting up like a christmas tree every time anyone moused over it. Add (in tags) /a and /li to the end of each link, and they'll behave much better. It'll take less than a minute to copy and paste, or I can e-mail you the edited code (nothing better to do, waiting for the bathroom, born fussy.)

Danny Stack said...


Anonymous said...

Looks much better from where I'm sitting!

Thanks for all the interesting articles Danny.

James Moran said...

Nice! Looks really good. Don't forget to take a copy of your template text, juuuuust in case...