Saturday, November 05, 2005

Something for the weekend...

The Beeb are on a roll. Not content with giving you the opportunity to submit for The Afternoon Play, and that plum prime-time gig next year, they’ve just announced a comedy apprenticeship thing where they have set aside £150,000 to nurture new TV comedy writers. Successful writers will be paid £10,000 each to be part of a show’s production and shadow the writers while they tear their hair out trying to come up with gags. Find out more HERE.

And for those with time to spare or no-one to go out with, I can recommend no better hang out than Wordplay’s Hall of Fame posts. Free, invaluable and indispensable advice that covers the A-Z of screenwriting, from Adapting Short Stories right down to pearly pearls given by people called Zak and Zoditch. Better than any screenwriting book, probably.

For those unconvinced about my unabashed praise for Creative Screenwriting’s weekly email, you can peruse what they have to offer HERE.

Have a great weekend.

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