Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Work Work Work

Yesterday was a good day. Nothing happened: I didn’t get a commission, I didn’t sell a script, I didn’t go outside. I just got a lot done. It’s strange how a bulging in-tray and a few deadlines will actually help you focus on getting stuff started and finished. At least it works for me. When I have an open-diary in front of me, I’m far more likely to procrastinate and fiddle, and not do very much at all.

So today, I’m going to carry the proactive momentum forward and keep my head down, and get some work done. I’m not even going to check emails, surf the internet or update the blog. Oh... hold on. Scratch that. As soon as I finish this post (ahem), I’m going to disconnect all virtual ties and sit in my kitchen reading scripts until lunch time, and then in the afternoon work on my existing projects and pitches. I’ll go out today at some stage for some fresh air, probably after lunch just to clear my head and stretch my joints.

Oh the glamour. The excitement. The veritable showbiz buzz.

It’s mid-November so unlike the Christmas adverts that actually started on the 29th October (shame on you, damn you all to hell), I’ll soon begin my year-end retrospective where I’ll examine how this working year has shaped up as opposed to the last (what new work have I done), and how I can celebrate Christmas and the forthcoming New Year (what’s happening now, oh god will I be able to pay January’s rent).

Typically, towards the end of November going into December, not a whole lot happens commission-wise because of the festive rush, or at least that’s the way it’s gone in recent years, and so I’ve tucked away any great expectations until the New Year. From a psychological viewpoint, this is a plus as I get to focus on my spec scripts without having the nagging sensation that I should or could be earning some valuable dosh through a commission or two.

The script reading never stops, unless you want it to, so that provides some handy cash for the pressies that need to be purchased. For now, I’ll see how the pitches I’m working on will work out - it would be great to get a positive response before Christmas - while I psychologically clear the slate to write two - two! - new spec scripts before the year’s out. I’ve already started the first one and hope to finish that in two weeks’ time (I say finish, get to very rough first draft would be more accurate). The other one I’ll write over the dull periods of the Christmas holiday. This gets them done but it takes January and February, at least, to get them into presentable shape.

Right. I’m off. The whole day without checking the interweb. For a hilarious and painfully truthful breakdown of how a working day usually pans out, check out Denis McGrath's typical working day. I, will see you, later.

** UPDATE **
Well, I lasted until 17.15. Partly because I was knackered and wanted to stop working but partly because I got a phone call saying: "didn't you get my email?", so I had to check. And I find I had posted the same post twice, what a twat. Deleted now. We can all sleep easy.

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