Wednesday, December 14, 2005

External Influences

James H has a new entry up for his completely addictive and hilarious Toy-Fu series.

I heard Russell T Davies yesterday on 5 Live talking about the Dr Who Christmas special and that he put in some political satire about Bush/Blair's Iraq tango. He said that when you're on a roll, whatever effects you as a writer usually ends up in your work.

Which brings me back to James H's Toy-Fu strip as it laments the recent passing of James's iPod in comical fashion. Of course, if you were following James's rant about his iPod going defunct, it makes it even funnier, but I reckon it's delicious as it is because of the way it's played on the 'toon. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.

I'm off for a five hour train trip to Leeds (finish my script on the way, oh yes), a day of teaching tomorrow, and then to Dublin for my sister's 30th that happily coincides with a couple of meetings. What an international jet-setter, man of mystery I am. Seamus Bond, if you will. Double-o-seacht (for those who speak Irish).

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Maura said...

Have a great time in the homeland, Danny. Ceol agus craic aplenty I hope.

If you're ever in da Whest, in the vicinity of Galway (home of the Irish Film Board after all), give me a heads-up and we can do lunch (darling!) or have a quiet pint.