Friday, December 23, 2005

It's a Grudge Christmas

After a busy month of moving house and finishing a new spec script, I have finally realised that it's Christmas. My brain simply refused to acknowledge all notions of 'presents' or 'organisation' or anything else. But then we put up the tree and everything started to sink in.

I've just completed a horror script (this morning) so my mind is still wandering around in that sort of territory so imagine my surprise when I see this chocolate angel hanging off one of the tree branches.

Oh my god, they're making Grudge chocolates!! And if you think that's creepy (even the photo's a bit blurred), check out the back:

But it's her contorted face on the front and the dark hair that really gets me. Don't worry though, I've eaten her now. All is safe.

Seeing as everyone's already gone to the pub or sorting out their Christmas, this is my aloha for the holiday break. Although my next post will be the 100th so that might be a better way to finish off the year.

Until then, have a cool yule everyone. It's been great meeting you all or if it's your first visit, I hope you'll drop by again.


* By the way, if this post appears all out of synch and unformatted, let me know as I'm re-acquainting myself with putting up photos.

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Anonymous said...

I was not fully in Christmas mode today either. I brought over my writing pad and pencil and sketched out some back story and scenes as I sipped drinks and ate cookies...Happy Christmas Dan