Friday, December 23, 2005

Post a Page

A whole range of screenwriter bloggers have been posting a page of their scripts in response to another blog's call to share your wares.

So, seeing as I've mentioned it lately, here's the first page of Aliens FC, written by me and Sam Morrison. Sorry, don't know how to format on Blogger or take a 'snapshot' of the script but here it is anyway.


Outer space.

The stars pock-mark the dark void.

PULL BACK slowly.

Off screen, a child's voice runs a football commentary.

And Griff Harding gets the ball. The Liverpool striker's got them on the ropes.

PULL BACK further from the stars, glide by the planet Jupiter.

The sound of a ball bouncing joins the off screen commentary.

And look at Harding go, he's around one, around two. Ooh, he nutmegs Bob Slate, the dweeb. The Everton midfielder was left stranded.

Past the planet Jupiter now and get a good look at our solar system, all the planets lined up right through to the sun.

And Harding is through, surely he must score. He shoots...

Incongruously, a football bounces off the solar system and thuds off screen.

...and scores! Griff Harding has scored a goal that is simply out of this world!


The solar system is a poster in a child's bedroom. Next to the poster is a pin up of Griff Harding, a square jawed, poncey looking footballer.

A child of about 12 runs around the room with his red Liverpool football shirt over his head (a typical goal celebration). HARDING, No 16, marks the back of the shirt.

The crowd go wild. Raaah. Raaah.

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Konrad West said...

Groovy. I like it.