Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This Year I Have...

Got a good option/development deal for my Tony Doyle winning script and rewrote it according to producer and lead actor’s notes (which they didn’t like but that’s another post).

Made a three minute short film that didn’t cost a penny but turned out really well.

Wrote an ep of Doctors which won’t be shown until Feb 2006 when it’ll go out in the same week as my first ep (that I wrote in 2004).

Made the final shortlist for BBC Writers’ Academy but didn’t get selected.

Reduced my script reading by half.

Tried to agree a deal on an option for one of our (me and Sam’s) animation specs but is yet to be signed.

Made six pitches for existing or new shows. Two rejected. Two favourably received but still awaiting to hear, and two still not heard.

Started a blog in August about scriptwriting and script reading in the UK.

Had two back operations (one in January, the other in October). No more now thank you.

Wrote a new horror feature.

Moved house.

Stopped teaching in Leeds due to move (too far and expensive to travel).

Earned more for my writing than my reading/teaching for the first time since going freelance.

And I plan to write a new animation feature (spec, natch) over Christmas, which brings the year to an end.


Cunningham said...

Seems like we've had similar experiences on different sides of the world.

Wow. Congrats on a good year and here's to 2006!

Tim Clague said...

Weird when you write it out isn't it? Its seems so much and yet so little all at the same time!

iBrotha said...

It's been a great blog, congratulations. But...

Isn't the real question to be asked in December really:

How many books have you read this year?


Danny Stack said...

Thanks guys. Somehow I didn't know of Bill's blog so thanks for dropping by.

Five books this year, two for pleasure...

Headcrusher by Garros & Evdokimov
Twilight by Katherine Mosby
Shadow Forest by Matt Haig
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Scoop by Evelyn Waugh

And about 200 scripts, rough count.

James Moran said...

Well done, sir - and the best of luck in 2006.

My goal is to finish my 2005 review before 2006...

Anonymous said...

Best of luck for 2006, Danny. For me your blog has been a real find. Keep it up!