Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Keep Digging Away

There was a farmer who lived with his wife in an isolated part of the country, neatly hidden away from the nearest town. On his land, the farmer decided he wanted to dig a hole. He’d always wanted to attempt such a task; he felt it was important to the whole fabric of his being.

In addition, the farmer figured that digging this hole would gain him the reputation he craved from the town that, up until now, didn’t really know of his existence. So he started digging. And really went for it. Soon into the dig, he’d reached ten feet, well past the target he had imposed before he started.

The farmer was on a roll. He was in the zone. He dug deeper and further, discovering not only a neat technique to his digging but also learning a great deal about himself in the process. He remained focused on his task, determined to reach the depth required that would win him the claim and attention he sought from the town but more importantly, proving to himself that he could do the job.

Despite his hard work, the digging soon hit a rocky patch which stopped him from going any further. He had struck a boulder and so he took a break to reinvigorate the energy and effort it was going to take to get around the rock. He treated himself to a trip into town, a diverting excursion with the wife to recharge his batteries.

However, in town, he noticed a commotion and followed the hubbub to where a minor hole had been dug by a local resident. It was only eight feet deep but the local digger stood proudly over his hole like it was the hardest work he’d ever done. The public were in awe of his achievement and the local digger smiled for the appreciative cameras.

The farmer was dumbstruck. This hole was nothing. He had dug two, three times as deep, and with a better technique. But everyone’s attention was on the local digger. The press and publicity from the short hole earned the local digger the reputation as being the best in the area.

The farmer was flabbergasted but unbeaten. He returned to his farm and resumed his dig around the boulder that was etched deep in his ground. His wife asked him: “what are you going to do?” And the farmer replied: “Keep digging. Keep digging away. Because that’s what I do best…”


Anonymous said...

Great allusion, Danny! Feeling pretty much like I'm at the BOTTOM of a big hole on my redraft at the moment, with all the earth threatening to landslide in right on my head, so thanks for that - makes me feel much better.

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling OK, Danny?

Anonymous said...

hmmm this went up early one morning, then mysteriously disappeared and now its back..maybe you need a holiday somewhere sunny?

Danny Stack said...

All is well. Just a little analogy. Don't know anything about it missing and coming back... Gremlins.