Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'll Have What He's Having: The Jacket Potato

Today’s thrifty special in The Screenwriter's Diet series: Jack-Pot-Toon-Sweets.

Or for those who speak normal English, Jacket Potato Tuna Sweetcorn.

Effort: Easy peasy
Cost: Pittance

A jacket potato. Tin of tuna, tin of sweetcorn. Lemon juice, salt & pepper. Optional: mayonnaise, herb of your choice, cheese.

Heat the oven to really hot, baby.
Stab the potato with a fork or sharp knife all around its surface.
Nuke* the spud for five/six minutes on a high setting.
Using a paper towel, dab some oil (olive/sunflower or veg) around the potato and plonk it in the oven.
While that’s crisping up, mix the (drained) tuna and sweetcorn in a bowl. Season with salt & pepper and add lemon juice if you want, and/or bind it with a little bit of mayo. If you’ve got an herb lying around (basil, parsley), great, chop it up and bung it in.
Take the spud out of the oven after about ten minutes, or until suitably crispy.
Split open, fork the insides into a fluffy mash, adding some butter to make it nice and soft, not dry. Add the toon-sweet mix and there you go.

For those not watching their waist-line, top with melted cheese.

Alternative but equally delicious toppings for the jack-pot: beans, cheesy beans, cheesy beans and bacon, bolognese, bolognese with parmesan, or any blimmin’ thing you want really…

The ideal snack for the harassed but hungry screenwriter.

* Microwave


Anonymous said...


danny you're a ghoul!

Danny Stack said...

For those who might be wondering, Berni means I'm an idiot. "A ghoul" is a Cork expression for a fool/gobshite etc. 'Go way ya ghoul'. And so on.

Anonymous said...

and over here you'd be called a moegoe (pronounced 'muhu') which is much the same.
You see what we need is the correlation between stuffing a potato and (stuffing) a script Danny - otherwise its just recipes...

Anonymous said...

Hey, food has a part in many scripts. Goodfellas for instance. Dissolving garlic that has been sliced literally razor thin. Or the Godfather where Micheal learns how to make a good sauce in case one day he and his men have to 'go to the mattresses'. One of my favourites is the Psychiatrist in 'There's Something About Mary' who comes in from his lunch break wiping mayonnaise from his chops. Or for the cinematic purists, who can forget the maggot in the meat scene from Battleship Potemkin? Best Trencherman Oscar though has to go to Homer Simpson. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried bulgar wheat salad? Totally reccommend it. Maybe I should put the recipe on my blog...

Danny Stack said...

Bulgar wheat salad? Sounds extremely healthy. Is it cheap? Yes, put it on your blog.

And the correlation between food and writing is akin to the relationship of body and soul.

If you are what you eat then most certainly you are what you write.

Rubbish in, rubbish out.

Have a banana.

Anonymous said...

so who do you suppose make the best scriptwriters then - vegans, fruitarians, vegetarians, 2-legged meat eaters or out and out carnivores?
And - more importantly - does it show?

Danny Stack said...

Those who chow down on KFC, guzzle a gallon of Jack every day and chuff twenty a day...!

But they don't live very long.

Anonymous said...

I HATE bananas. In fact, fruit is pretty Yuk. Always been a veggie girl myself. There's a double entendre in there somewhere I'm sure.

Bulgur Wheat salad recipe up on my blog, just for you Danny.

James Moran said...

I have a built in suspicion of any type of veggies, vegans, or otherwise healthy people. I think it was caused by my childhood nemesis, who happened to be a veggie - he's tainted the rest of you.

Speaking of baked potatoes though, a handy tip if you've bought a packet - bake the lot of them. Let them cool. Then freeze the buggers. You can defrost them overnight, then heat them up, or just whack them in the oven for about 45 minutes straight from frozen. It means you'll always have one on hand if you're busy.