Thursday, March 16, 2006


An early round-up this week as I’m up to London today and I’m taking the day off tomorrow because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, which merrily coincides with payday, so expect the usual stereotypes and clichés out of me. Aye, begorrah, to be sure. “Beannachtai na Feile Padraig” (say it with me: bann/ockt/tee nah fayl/eh pawd/rig). Or “Happy St Patrick’s Day” to those who’re willing and able to drown the shamrock over the weekend (come on the Irish, beat England at the rugby!).

DeMontfort University Leicester Open Day – THURSDAY 30th APRIL -400pm-6.00pm.
Come along & meet the tutors and check out what’s on offer on this unique course in Television Scriptwriting.

This term guests include Mervyn Watson (BBC Executive Producer Casualty)) Tony Wood Head of Mersey TV) & Sarah Bagshaw (Emmerdale scriptwriter) plus a visit to the set of BBC hit series ‘Doctors’.

Check it out at Demontfort University
Phone 0116 250 6179

Middlesex University and Museum in Docklands are collaborating to run a 10 week Screenwriting for Beginners workshop.

Learn how to write film stories with screenwriter and playwright James Martin Charlton.

You will learn the basic tools and practical tips for becoming a screenwriter in this 10 week introductory course from 6.30pm - 8pm every Wednesday starting 5 April 2006 at Museum in Docklands, West India Quay, London E14 4AL.

Advanced booking required (25 places)
Fee: UKP 175 (concs UKP 95) - 10% Discount for Shooters.
Phone 020 8411 5737 for further information
Email with enquiries.

Robert McKee’s Story Seminar comes to London again on 28-30 April 2006.

“ROBERT McKEE is the most widely known and respected screenwriting teacher in the world. Portrayed in the Oscar-nominated hit "ADAPTATION," callled "the most influential storytelling theorist since Aristotle" in the Guardian's 2006 Academy Awards special coverage, and interviewed by "60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon for CBS News' Sunday Morning 2005 Academy Awards Special, McKee's sold-out Story Seminars teach the essential principles of screenwriting and story design that studios, production companies and publishers demand from their writers.”


Don’t forget to check Robin Kelly’s blog for regular news, updates and opportunities.

And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about “I’ll Have What He’s Having: The Screenwriter’s Diet” but here’s good old Bill Cunningham with a tasty chorizo recipe to whet your appetite… Enjoy!


Lee said...

I take it you're going up to James' screening? Enjoy it, you jammy self-employed gadabout.

Anonymous said...

Jammy self employed it. I bet you'd be scared of my accounts book though Lee, there're receipts EVERYWHERE. My accountant is gonna kill me.

And Danny - Did you have any bulgar wheat salad?? I can't eat it at the mo cos it makes me throw up...I miss it so.

Lianne said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day for tomorrow Danny. I'll be drowning the shamrock early as well. Wish it coincided with pay day for me. I'm waiting for cheques to clear and it's no fun at all.

James Moran said...

Oh, fiddly diddly, fiddly diddly, donkey and cart, thatched cottages, leprechauns and pots o' gold! Etc! That Leonard O'Davinci was Irish too, you know.

Happy O'Paddy's day to you, Mr O'Stack, from Mr O'Moran! Top of the morning!

When I was on an Irish work experience trip to the States, some American kids (young kids, to be fair, but still) asked a group of us if we had pizza in Ireland, and what colour the trees were. Of course we filled their heads with lies.

Dominic Carver said...

Mmmmmm, ST Guinness Day. I shall be quaffing a few myself on Friday. Oh what the hell, I'll be quaffing several over the weekend. I even had a couple last night. I love Guinness.

Interesting unknown fact about my profile photo: It was taken last year in a resaurant just opposite the Temple Bar in Dublin. I had Irish Stew and of course some Guinness.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

Sorry to hear about your evening-play rejection, I was just wondering if you got the rejection by e-mail or post, for the script-call they specifically asked for a one page synopsis and a sample script, but not the writer's CV or contact-details, apart from e-mail, so if they are sending letters out how would they know people's addresses? I only ask as I too entered and haven't heard a thing, several other writers I know have similarly heard nothing and yet other posters here mention they heard back as early as late Jan/early Feb. Is there a specific point of contact who can actually tell you what is happening, I tried the Kimo Morrison one mentioned on the entry page but got no reply, surely for such a big initiative there must be someone to handle enquiries.

With thanks,

C P healey

Danny Stack said...

If I do get a letter, it'll be via email as that's the only contact details they have for me.

Try Elizabeth Kilgarriff or Sally Stokes ( for more info.