Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How does it End?

Day 2 in Cannes

Most common question asked in pitches so far. Not 'what it's about' but 'how does it end'? Interesting and challenging question as you want to impress the hell out of them with your story's resonant resolution.

All is going well along the Croissette. It's much cooler and windier today, a suggestion of rain, and the general mood seems to be quieter and more laid back than yesterday. People winding down, apparently, and going home. I'm here 'till Saturday but have meetings lined up until Friday.

Most of the meetings were set up prior to arrival by using the Cannes Market database and going through it to target potential producers/investors/fairy godmothers for my projects. I sent about 200 emails to which I got about a 10% response and it's broken down roughly into four meetings per day, all of which subject to change or removal.

The best approach for the meetings has been to talk to the people rather than actively pitch them with an over-zealous energy. Tell them about yourself and what you're up to. It's more about making contacts and setting up possible relationships than actually closing a development deal. It's not a writers' festival but it's great to be here to meet new and influential people. If they are interested in your scripts, then you can tell them what they're about but in a more relaxed, conversational style, and seems to work a lot better than spellbinding them with pitch trick no.53.

Quite tired now. Energy dip. Going to have a coffee. Still a long day ahead.


Anonymous said...

Danny, we need the skinny on meetings, aspirations aims of Cannes, how to shake booty out there on the Riviera, later on a diatribe about the vacuous leeches that populate the boulevard but first all the positives, how its going, strategies, networking scoops, goddamn everything!

Elspeth said...

Danny - there's only one s in croisette - otherwise the pronunciation would be like in croissant!

Danny Stack said...

Will give a full overview when I get back.

Tim Clague said...

re: telling the ending. Remember Suki's idea of not talking about the ending but instead just sending the full script. Leave them wanting more!