Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Screenwriters' Festival update

The accommodation and "getting there" information is now available on the Screenwriters’ Festival website on the purple menu bar after the 'attending and paying' page has been selected.

Also, if you are still looking, the nearest hotel to the Cheltenham Film Studios has an online saver special: Travelodge, Golden Valley Roundabout, Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham, GL51 6PN... Tel: 0870 1911701.

It's a bit frustrating for me at the moment because I've got constipated cash-flow this month and what with the expense of Cannes, I'm unable to plan and book for Cheltenham. I'm also reliably informed that "places are filling very rapidly and we do have a maximum cap of 300 so don't leave it too long". Hmmm. Maybe see you there, maybe not, depending on how things go.


Lianne said...

I'm having the same dilemma Danny, and this I just to come up with the money for the New Writer's Day. Most frustrating!

Piers said...

Snap. Cheltenham booking can't happen until June for me.

I'll just have to hope there's places left.

James Moran said...

I won't be able to go either - 323 quid for the 3 days, plus 3 nights in a hotel, plus train fare, food, lots of drinks (mandatory)... I'm between paying gigs at the moment, so it's too much to splash out on right now. Shame, as it looks really good.

Paul Campbell said...

I'm not sure if this offers comfort or not... but my booking confirmation number the other day was 100024.

On the plus side, that suggests there is plenty of time to book.

On the down side, me and the other 23 attendees might be rather lonely.

Of course, this was a week ago, so they might be struggling to cope with the numbers now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,(and others)

I'm thinking of applying to do the screenwriting MA at the NFTS (deadline next week). But I'm in two minds whether it's a good idea or not.

Has it got a good reputation for screenwriting?

Is it worth doing an MA? (Danny I know you've taught on one)

If anyone has any advice that would be great.

ps. my main motivations for doing one is to get some feedback from people with experience, and also to make contacts in the industry.


Danny Stack said...

I think a MA is worth doing and NFTS certainly would be up there on top of the tree because of its solid reputation.

When I taught at Leeds I remember thinking that I would have killed to be on that course when I was starting out because it's fantastic. You write. Not just one script. Eight or nine, from shorts, adaptations, TV and features. And the advice and support was/is terrific.

Don't know what other MAs are like but I imagine that what you put into it will generate what you get out of it. You'll gain so much more than getting feedback and making contacts.

Danny Stack said...

But it doesn't mean a guaranteed start to your career. You'll have learned a lot about craft and the potential for your talent, and probably jumped ahead of a lot of wannabes, but the rest is up to you...

Anonymous said...

cheers mate, you've helped make my mind up.