Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blog Poll!

My knowledge of the interweb and techie things has sadly not increased much since I started this blog. Ideally, I’d have all my links and articles rounded up into neat sections so that it would look like a fairly professional website.

I don’t think it’s a blot on the eye or anything but I’d like to group the more popular posts into categories and links instead of listing everything in one big chunk down the side. Maybe I’ll sort it out, one day, when I can pay someone to look after the blog while I take my calls by the pool…

Anyway, I thought it might be a good time to check what most people actually like about the blog so that I can focus and improve the content as it continues to grow and develop.

Below is a little blog poll, my first how exciting, that might be of a fun to click as well as being an interesting glimpse as to what makes this blog tick.

Also, if you have a query on a previous post or on a topic that hasn’t been covered yet, then don’t be shy to either email or leave a comment. Cheers!

Whis is your favourite part of the blog...?
Views/articles on scriptwriting & script reading
Script Vs Film series
Weekend Noticeboard
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Paul Crilley said...

I voted twice, because I like the weekend noticeboard just as much as the articles.


Anonymous said...

But I hope this doesn't mean that things are going to change! I'm all for reorganisation but the balance you have of personal insight and industry stuff is, imo, perfect.


Lianne said...

Thanks for that Danny - I've been wondering how to do a poll and yours links directly to the pollhost so now I know!

As for topics not yet covered, I've been thinking lately about animation scripts and I know you have a some experience in writing and editing those - you've discussed the progress of Aliens FC, but how about something on the process of writing for animation as opposed to live action? Have you always worked with an animator when writing the script, therefore having a strong idea of how it would look as you go along? Anything about writing animated scripts that is particularly challenging, or easier/more enjoyable than live action? Oh, and what was your involvement with His Passionate Bride? Saw it a few weekends ago at the Bird's Eye View festival, and you're in the thanks bit I think? Or I could have got that completely wrong, I seem to be very confused these days...

Danny Stack said...

JamesN: it won't change much, just the overall presentation of it, i think, that is if i can ever figure it out.

OR: Thanks for the animation q's, will get to them soon. I still haven't seen His Passionate Bride but I helped Monika in the early stages of the film, breaking the story down into a more achievable scene by scene scenario within the timeframe she had. Sam, my co-writer, script edited the project/was her mentor from then on...

Lucy V said...

SCANDAL!! Just tried to vote and it said I already have when I haven't!!! I think somebody in my house has been impersonating me online again. He's gonna be for it when he gets home...

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

I've been lurking here for ages but this is my first post. I haven't voted because I like all the different bits for different reasons.

I do have a question about animation scripts. All the stuff I've read says that when writing animation you should be inclusive - that if it isn't on the page it won't get included. Just for the heck of it, I tried writing a Power Puff Girls spec script (I know I can't do much with it, but I used it to try for the Nickelodeon internship thing, though it now turns out that they won't look at anyone from outside the USA.) Anyway, the thing is that it came out long. I mean, very long. As in enormously long. So either I've taken things to excess or I've misunderstood. I'd be grateful for any suggestions you might have as to how to do it right!


Grubber said...

Must say the Script vs Film was a very close second though!