Saturday, June 17, 2006

Final Weekend Noticeboard

Thanks to all of you for voting in my blog poll. Exciting results! Well, not really but interesting nonetheless. Maybe I should have put in the Screenwriter’s Diet series as a choice because that’s the one that generates the most email/reaction! No, not really. I came up with the Weekend Noticeboard because traffic is dribble at the weekend, and so I thought a post about some general goings-on within the industry might have been of interest.

However, as the information is magpied from various newsletters/forums and Shooting People, it’s probably not worth putting it up as the majority of you will be aware, or should be aware, of the details already. That said, if anyone has some snippet of news (my thanks to reporter in the field Mark Huckerby) or a seminar that they think might be of interest, or whatever, then let me know so I can spread the word. And so, I present the last Weekend Noticeboard for your casual perusal. Enjoy the sun. See you next week.


Screenwriters’ Festival

The Screenwriters’ Festival has announced its full schedule, plus more accessible ONE DAY & TWO DAY passes rather than paying the hefty fee for full attendance.



Film London's PULSE digital shorts scheme is open once again - on the lookout for the next generation of film-making talent in the capital. Josic Cadoret, the scheme coordinator, will present 3 roadshows from 13 June. The roadshows are an opportunity to ask questions about the scheme and see some of last year's digital shorts.


BBC Three’s Fresh

BBC Three is looking for the next generation of documentary film-makers for this year's New Talent strand, Fresh. Three first time directors will each receive a major commission for a one off 60 minute documentary to be screened on BBC Three in March 2007.


Film Business Academy

Are you looking to break into the film industry? A qualification from the Film Business Academy may help with your future employability in this competitive arena. The Film Business Academy is the world's first international centre dedicated to the business of film. It is part of Cass Business School, a leading European Business School with an Executive MBA ranked in the world top ten by the Financial Times. If you want to get into the film industry, the MSc in Film Business will give you a foundation in management and business skills, plus specialised education in all aspects of the film industry value chain.



Film London currently have two vacancies at Film London. Please check the website for further information about these two positions - Coordinator: Skills & International and Production Accountant for Microwave.



the i-blink scriptwriting competition has just extended it's (sic) deadline to the 19th July. This exciting new competition is offering writers the chance to make their films, receive software, feedback and big cash prizes!
Please log on to i-blink for more information.


LONDON FILM SCHOOL - Call for applicants
Deadline Extension Monday 19th June 2006
The Craft Extension Programme - launches September 2006

The London Film School with Skillset Screen Academy funding, is offering a completely new kind of programme: the Craft Extension Programme. We will enrol a small number of filmmakers in four craft areas: Cinematography, Editing, Production Design and Sound, to undertake a year long programme of individually agreed practical learning.
Entry is in September 2006 and January 2007 and as only 3 - 5 students will be enrolled in each of the craft areas, applicants are encouraged to apply early. The deadline for September 2006 entry has been extended to 19th June 2006.
Further info and application forms at the website.



Does anyone out there have a low budget, really nasty horror script out there. Think SAW crossed with HARD CANDY and a good dollop of WOLF CREEK and the original HILLS HAVE EYES thrown in for good measure. It must star late teens, early twenties characters. Really nasty, really violent, but with good characters. If it is set in a college in the countryside this would be even better.
Who can help? Contact



Anonymous said...

Oh No!

I've not re-subscribed to Shooting People because I was getting the info for free from you!


Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

I have a horror that might fit that last box, however I've never written horror before. I may bump that one up the priority list to see if I can actually write that genre.

Paul Crilley said...

Aw man. The weekend noticeboard had some really useful links that I didn't know about. Sorry to see it go.

Danny Stack said...

It'll probably survive in some form, useful links or whatever.

Jennifer said...

The film business academy seems really cool. Shame about the cost though, lol - I'm in Australia and the pound is waaaaaaaay expensive compared to the dollar here.

Anonymous said...

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