Saturday, June 24, 2006

Random Round-Up

Quite often when actors are being interviewed you’ll hear them refer to the script in some way: “er…ah…it was just the script really. I knew I had to do it because the script just rocked”. They never mention the writer’s name or why the script was so good but they usually go on to heap praise on the director and the film’s co-stars.

But what niggles me about this is that it gives the impression that actors are the only people in the world who can recognise a good script from a stinker. Of course, when they say: “the script is great” what they really mean is “my character was cool, and my dialogue was even cooler”.

When The Hours was winning awards left, right and centre, the actors graciously mentioned writer David Hare for writing a terrific script. But Nicole, and the others, consistently referred to one element: “thank you for giving us such terrific words to speak” (I’m paraphrasing Nicole Kidman here). Nothing about the script’s particular structure, ambition, or tone, whatever; just a thanks for making “us” look good.

Just a random thought as I prepare to toddle off down to the beach.

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