Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Noticeboard

Cannes? Eh? What? When? That’s like, sooo last week. Now it’s back to the daily grind of reality and normality: sitting in front of the computer trying to sort out thoughts and ideas so that they form an entertaining narrative. Or just sitting here waiting for lots of offers to roll in, Hollywood style: “Hey, saw you in Cannes, fancy rewriting Scott Frank?”

Sorry, I said reality and normality didn’t I… so that should be: “Hey, saw you in Cannes, you Irish git”. Luckily still feeling energised and optimistic after the trip so the current lull of no commissions (producers & execs take note) and constipated cash flow isn’t much of a worry… yet. However, still don’t know if I’m going to make it to the Screenwriters’ Festival but it’s looking increasingly unlikely.

Anyway, the sun’s out. Looks like a cracking weekend. Enjoy. See you next week…


Dawn Dusk Films

Dawn Dusk Films, a new start-up film company, is searching for an exciting script for it's (sic) first feature film. No specific genre is required. You can e-mail Marion Pritchett, the producer, on, or visit Dawn Dusk’s website (although it is under construction).


VisualEyez Entertainment

VisualEyez Entertainment needs a young, funky and irreverent scriptwriter for a satirical animation project. This is currently a non-broadcast pilot in the early stages of development with some characters and plotlines in place.

An in-depth knowledge of the current music scene is essential as is the ability to produce work with a comical and surreal slant. Please submit an example of your work along with your CV. A fee will be negotiated with the successful applicant.

VisualEyez is a newly formed production company based in South West London with many exciting projects in development.


Monday 12th June
19.00- 22.00
NPA Film Centre, Unit 1.07, The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ
£5 per attendee
Moderators: David Cottis/ Katharine Way
Hear your script out loud!
Have your project workshopped!
Get useful feedback from writers and actors.
Make new contacts.

ScriptTank is a long-established writer led organisation. It operates workshops in which scripts are read aloud by professional actors. After reading, the writer is given feedback and constructive criticism aimed at helping them to redraft and market their work. A variety of scripts are read including those for films (feature or short), TV, theatre and radio. It is also possible to pitch new ideas.

Current members include writers, directors, producers and actors (and various combinations of these!) working professionally in TV, film, theatre and radio.
ScriptTank is seeking new members who are serious about developing their work to a marketable professional standard, and are willing to contribute constructively towards the discussion of other writer’s work. We operate a system of trial membership to allow potential new members to find out if we are the kind of group that is most suitable for them and vice versa. If you’re interested in joining as a writer, and/or having your own work read.

Contact David Cottis on 020 7401 9016 or email


Arista Development UK

Applications are now open for Arista's Scribes 2 for Black and Minority Ethnic Screenwriters. Application Deadline: 5pm, Tuesday, 20th June, 2006.

A partnership between Arista Development, BBC Films and Capitol Films Production, one of the UK Film Council-funded 'Super Slates', SCRIBES 2 is a screenplay development programme spread over a period of eight months, designed to fit around the working lives of participants, which gives eight Black and Minority Ethnic screenwriters (we call them SCRIBES), a combination of intensive project development, general screenwriting training and industry experience.

Highlights include an intensive six-day residential script workshop in the Troodos mountains of Cyprus, detailed project feedback from BBC Films and Capitol Films Production executives, mentoring relationships with selected Capitol Films Production Super Slate producers (who are Cuba Pictures, Element Films, Feel Films, Samuelson Productions and Tiger Aspect Pictures) and industry placements within the SCRIBES partner companies, each custom-designed to meet the skills needs of individual SCRIBES.

Each SCRIBE will develop two projects, one original screenplay and one outline, through the programme. The programme culminates with an exclusive "first-look" deal between the ARISTA SCRIBES' developed projects, Capitol Films Production and BBC Films. If Capitol Films Production and/or BBC Films then decide to take any SCRIBES project further, each project will be optioned for a guaranteed fee of £2,000 and a revised draft commissioned for a guaranteed fee of £10,000.

For more information, or to apply now, visit: Arista's website.


ScriptWriter Masterclasses present : Right Brain Scriptwriting Interactive Workshop, 17th June , 10am-5pm (9.30 registration)

Searching for inspiration? Looking to access new levels of creativity?
The secret may be tucked away in your brain: your right lobe to be precise.
Hollywood Pro, qualified hypnotherapist, and NLP specialist Jurgen Wolff, teaches how to tap into your unique creative power using visualisation, self-hypnosis, and advanced brainstorming to create vivid characters and compelling storylines.
This highly practical yet creative workshop was a sell out last year- so don’t miss your chance!

Tickets: £60 (10% discount for NPA members)
Book now at RADA Box Office 020 7908 4800
Location: RADA, Malet St, London WC1E 7JN.
For more information:
For queries, ring Janice Day on 07748 652 194


Rocliffe New Writing Forums

Rocliffe are currently accepting scripts for the winter season 2006
Rocliffe New Writing Forums commencing in September with Cameron McCracken from Pathé. For an application form email or from the web:

There is no charge to submit a script but you must submit a hard copy with an application form.



Anonymous said...

Oh. A Cannes question. Now you're what Guthrie was to the folk scene in the blogospher; were you met with any 'Oh so YOU'RE Danny Stack of the interwub?' complete with hearty slap on the back?

Danny Stack said...

Ha! I wish...