Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Noticeboard

Fellow bloggers are focused (distracted?) on the 14 Day Screenplay Challenge (FDSC). This is a great idea to help generate some energy, motivation and creativity to actually get a script written. Good luck to all who are giving it a go.

Back in February, I challenged myself to write a script in four days in order to help banish the rejection blues. So if you are knee deep in the FDSC but find yourself slacking and procrastinating during your fortnight deadline, then feel free to check out how I crammed in 90 pages over four days HERE. My script started well but tapered off into an erratic story. I’ve yet to rewrite it into a proper first draft but I still have hopes that it’s a story with commercial and entertaining value.

In other news, I have a new agent. My post about whether to be with a big agent or small agent generated some discussion between me and my industry friends about whether I should be with a higher profile agency and so they pointed me in the direction of PFD, who were happy to read my work and consequently offer to represent me.

My previous agency was truly supportive and understanding of the move - they’re such a classy act - and we part on extremely amicable terms, and of course they’ll continue to represent the deals they’ve bashed out for me until they expire. I was very happy with them but the opportunity to be with PFD and their top level exposure was too good to turn down, and I now seek to raise my game even higher in order to suitably reflect my new agency status.

There are lots of potentially exciting things going on (EastEnders is still on the go, I have to do a second draft of my trial episode) and everything is going well but there’s a summer lull at the moment, and it’s a stressful time for cash flow and finding paid work. But as I say, you just got to keep going. Keep writing. Find the passion, seek the source. Write.


BBC THREE: Funny Hunt
Deadline: 14 July 2006

BBC THREE is looking for original new comedy talent.

All you need to do is film a clip of the funniest stuff you can produce, up to three minutes in length and submit it via the BBC's Comedy Soup website.

The creators of the funniest material will be given exclusive access to some of Britain's top comedy writers, performers and producers at a series of special masterclasses held in Manchester.

For more information, including the rules in full, see the Comedy Soup website.



The PULSE scheme, launched in 2002 in partnership with the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund, offers the next generation of London's talent the chance to shine, and producing an array of award winning short films. Film London is pleased to open submissions for PULSE 2006. 8 short digital films will be commissioned with a budget range of £2,000-£10,000.


The Spectacle

Deadline: July 31 2006

The Spectacle, a new British comedy website, seeks seriously funny writers.

Until July The Spectacle is undergoing live development and actively seeking contributors to join the staff writers. After this period it will have an open submissions policy, but the greater opportunity exists now to help shape the future of the website.



ScriptWriter Masterclasses present : Right Brain Scriptwriting Interactive Workshop, 17th June , 10am-5pm (9.30 registration)

Hollywood Pro, qualified hypnotherapist, and NLP specialist Jurgen Wolff, teaches how to tap into your unique creative power using visualisation, self-hypnosis, and advanced brainstorming to create vivid characters and compelling storylines. This highly practical yet creative workshop was a sell out last year- so don’t miss your chance!

Tickets: £60 (10% discount for NPA members)
Book now at RADA Box Office 020 7908 4800
Location: RADA, Malet St, London WC1E 7JN.
For more information:
For queries, ring Janice Day on 07748 652 194


Rocliffe New Writing Forums

Rocliffe are currently accepting scripts for the winter season 2006
Rocliffe New Writing Forums commencing in September with Cameron McCracken from Pathé. For an application form email or from the web:
There is no charge to submit a script but you must submit a hard copy with an application form.


Sam & Jim Take Over the World

Also, Sam & Jim (of Sam & Jim Go To Hollywood) are thinking of starting a new blog/podcast where writers get to submit sketches, and Sam & Jim will produce them for their new show. They've issued an open-call out to everyone on t'web and beyond. It might be something of interest so check out their website for more details.



Elspeth said...

Congratulations on your signing - may fame and fortune come quickly!
(and I don't know how you managed a sp in 4 days - chapeau!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats dude, onwards and upwards (film glory, not heaven). Got some news to tell, will drop a line this weekend.