Friday, July 07, 2006

Slow, slow, quick quick, slow

Holiday /hólliday, -di/n. & v. n. 1 esp. Brit (often in pl.) An extended period of recreation, esp. away from home or in travelling; a break from work (cf. vacation).

Glad I looked that up. Forgot what it meant and seeing as everyone seems to be enjoying a summer break from work at the moment, it helps to explain why there seems to be an eerie silence from people who are meant to be signing cheques or doling out commissions.

In truth, the long wait for people to get back to you is a mixture of holiday, a busy work schedule and them basically ignorning you, or possibly all three. It can be intensely frustrating for the poor freelancer as he wonders how he’s going to pay the mortgage and the phone bill for next month.

As you may have noticed, I’ve put up a PayPal donate button on the blog. Someone enquired if they could make an overseas payment for my reading services and Lucy pointed me in the direction of PayPal of which I already have an account. So I upgraded it to receive payment with an easy click of the button. I did this for script reading/script editing purposes but if anyone wants to throw a fiver my way then you know, I’m not proud. Lucy’s already bought me a pint through PayPal. Genius.

I’ve been doing a bit more script editing recently, mainly thanks to the Irish Film Board, and quite coincidentally an Irish director (who has the Board’s support) found me through a random internet search and I’ve been going through his script this week. It’s been an interesting exercise because of the particular Irish subject matter.

In addition, a rewrite of a script that I gave notes to a few months ago has also landed on my desk so it was enjoyable going through that to see how my thoughts and suggestions were implemented in the new draft.

As it’s a slow summer time and cashflow has ground to a halt, I am available for more script reading, script editing work. Basic coverage starts at £60, going up to £250 and £350 depending on how much depth and detail you’d like the notes to cover. Email for more details. And for those overseas, you can pay easily through the PayPal button. Enjoy the sun everyone.

Oh yes, a couple of new blogs to check out: The Writing Lounge is where you'll find the adventures of a UK writer/producer who lives in Europe but ducks and dives in Hollywood and Soho with equal aplomb. And Was it Something I Wrote? is tales from a UK TV writer as he continues to dig away in the commissioning trenches. Well worth a look.


Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

Ah! Holiday!

I've got next week off work :)

To docorate 3 rooms in the house :(

Oh well, snakes on a plane!

Dominic Carver said...

Paypal on blog = free beer. Where do I sign up?

As for holidays I'm looking forward to my two weeks on Kuredu in the Maldives for my honeymoon


Lucy V said...

Nice for some Dom!!! I get a wknd in Bournemouth...if I'm lucky!! What it is to be broke. Boo. Cld be worse, cld be going UP NORTH - from there in the first place and got more crazy northern relatives than u can shake a sock at, so I'm entitled to slag it off ; )

And always a pleasure Danny...the next pint I buy you will be face-to-face I hope!!

Anonymous said...

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The Komedy Kollective are the "pooches's privates".

These vampire cats lust after new "big-drama" theatre writing blood, and they will sink their fangs into the necks of anyone unsuspecting writer living in the North of England, so you'd better go to sleep with the light on, all you creative people!!!