Monday, September 18, 2006

Blogging Apocalypse

The purpose of this blog has been mainly to give a practical and realistic insight into what it’s like trying to maintain a career as a scriptwriter (and script reader) in the UK. Well, friends, we need blog no more as Tim Clague, the Bafta nominated writer/director (and Bournemouth legend), has come up with the perfect diagram summation of The Scriptwriter’s Life.

Basically, Tim’s diagram (and I’m not usually a fan of illustrations of this type) highlights the key areas in which a scriptwriter, whether he be amateur or professional, should be spending his time. Everything from the personal, professional to heck, the down right spiritual: what you need to be reading, researching and writing in your goal to become a professional scribe.

Check it out.

Print it off.

And post it over your computer.

All other blogs are now redundant.*

* but we’ll keep going anyway.


Tim Clague said...

Absolutely not true. This diagram is built from the work of bloggers. Its a grassroots idea - from scriptwriters rather than from academics or training departments. In fact I did a special version that coloured in only the areas that were covered by current courses / training events. Guess what - it was only half coloured in. The other half has come from us. So keep on blogging everyone. The diagram is only at version 0.1.3. We've all got a long way to go.

susiesoap said...

Danny on mornings when I can hardly bear to start my Mac, knowing the re writes and quarter finished pitches that lurk within, I go first to your blog, cos it's guaranteed to get me in the writing groove. Redundant? You're essential, and have a job for life.

Anonymous said...

A good script ninja is never redundant my friend. I sense this in you, too. Keep up the good work.

The Script Ninja (#1)