Friday, October 13, 2006

Afternoon Off

So I’m away for a couple of days next week, hitting Dublin town for a few meetings and chinwags. This week has been spent doing script reports. A hundred of them. I exaggerate, but really, not far off, or so it feels like. My deadline’s next week and so I thought I’d better get my head down and read the blasted things, and then get my pen out and write the damn reports.

I was worried about the deadline y’see. I didn’t know how my schedule would clash with the upcoming trip to Dub so I thought better do them now rather than rush them later. I’ve nearly finished them, which is a big relief. Then, news of a small writing commission was confirmed and suddenly the stress in my brain slowly started to dissolve. Money coming in - check. More work to do - check. Paid writing work - check. Which means, cheque! Ohthankthelordandluckystars.

It’s been such a strange time recently. The summer went quiet as it naturally does but the autumn transition remained curiously static. Looking at my board, I’ve got a lot scripts and projects on the go but they’re all reliant on someone else’s approval or go-ahead, and so I have to wait. They’re all exciting and interesting, and some even pay, but the reality is that it’ll take months/years to gain the momentum for them to slowly materialise. Summoning up the required focus to stay busy and keep writing is difficult when there’s no cash coming in, so script reading/editing takes centre stage, and even that can be slow (hence the big batch this week).

However, I’m in a good mood. I’ve covered most of my work. I haven’t been paid yet, but I will. The sun is out. Friday night goodies are in. I might just take the afternoon off. Plug in the PlayStation (I haven’t re-installed it since I moved in last December!). I’ve got crap games but after a long absence, even the first Crash Bandicoot on PS1 is a joy to behold (I only have a PS1, how lame is that?). Also, there are always fewer emails or ‘things happening’ for a freelancer on a Friday than any other day. Has anyone else felt that, or is it just me? Anyway, have a great weekend, see you next week.


James Moran said...

What Friday night goodies?? Details, details!

We've still got some PS1 games - Driver, Silent Hill, Sled Storm - that still get played on the PS2. A good game is a good game, to paraphrase Brucie.

Danny Stack said...

Cocktails, my friend, cosmopolitans. Crisps. Haloumi cheese, grilled. Pitta bread. Hummus. And home made fish & chips. Beer. TV. Collapse.

Kate Harrison said...

Just discovered your blog, Danny, it's brilliant. And perfect for a Freelance Friday of procrastination and inspiration.

I have 18 Open University Creative Writing final portfolios to go through, which I imagine is rather similar to your pile of scripts. Oh and a whole load of edits to finish. And the VAT to sort. I never thought writing full-time would be so glamorous.

Yet I haven't been able to stop reading the old entries...which is always a good sign. Enjoy the haloumi, you've earned it.

Danny Stack said...

Hi Kate! Thanks, Kate!

Sal said...

"Summoning up the required focus to stay busy and keep writing is difficult"
Spot on Danny! Hope you had a fine Friday night, and enjoy your trip to Dublin.

Grilled halloumi, yummmmm

Sal said...

Hi Danny - the link is