Tuesday, October 31, 2006

British Buzz

Last night, Jonathan Ross had a special report on Film 2006 about a few notable British films that will be cropping up at a cineplex near you (or at the London Film Festival now if you're keen). They seem like interesting, funny and engaging stories worthy of our attention so put aside any cynicism and sour grapes, and support British film.

Let's have a look:

Scenes of a Sexual Nature: A low-to-no-budget ensemble drama starring the cream of British talent. Kudos to the filmmakers for getting it made and attracting such a high-profile cast.

Hot Fuzz: Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright look set to do the cop movie what they did to zombies. The trailer where Simon Pegg somersaults over a garden fence is great.

Borat: Sacha Baron-Cohen's profile and popularity rises with his disingenuous spoof of an innocent simpleton from Kazakhstan.

The Last King of Scotland: I had to a trial report of this script for Film4 in 1999 in order to convince them to let me be one of their readers. As a green and keen reader, it was a tricky script to critique but a very engaging and interesting story nonetheless.

Starter for Ten: David Nicholl's adaptation of his own book about romance, education, 80s fashion and University Challenge. Charming and funny, and a very well-written script.

Sixty Six: Paul Weiland tells an autobiographical tale of a boy's Bar Mitzvah clashing with England's game in the World Cup Final of 1966.

Red Road: Andrea Arnold's directorial debut after her Oscar-winning short film success of last year, Wasp.

Night People: Writer/director (and friend of the blog), Adrian Mead, sees his directorial debut released in Scotland this week so go along to support it if you can at the Filmhouse Edinburgh, Cineworld Edinburgh or check it out in GLASGOW from Sun 5th Nov - Tues 7th Nov at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT). See a trailer for Night People and more info at Mead Kerr's website.

And a bit of Irish news. A huge shout out and congratulations to writer/director Tom Cosgrove for winning the Final Draft Big Break Competition with his script 'The Sea Devils' (from over 3,000 entrants).


Lucy V said...

I'm excited about British Film for the first time in ages - great news about Tom Cosgrove as well! A non-american winning a big American contest. Nice one.

Lianne said...

Yep, I'm looking forward to seeing all those films you've mentioned Danny. Particularly pleased to see James McAvoy in two of those, he's been fantastic in everything I've seen him in so far.

And well done to Tom. Are you still reading scripts for Irish Film Board Danny? Do you get much of a sense of the "ones to watch" when it comes to Irish film? I have to rely on my sister recommending things to me. Isolation looks promising.

Danny Stack said...

I read Isolation a few years ago and it was quite an eerie and creepy tale. Worth checking out.