Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This is a new opportunity that's recently been launched. It's for all you low-budget filmmakers out there, and those with a digital frame of mind. Check it out (details from Screen Daily).


Slingshot, the new UK-based digital film production and distribution company, has won a $188,804 (£100,000) grant from Skillset for its new development scheme for writers, directors and producers.

Its “Training and Development into Greenlight” is a programme devoted to digital film-making and the Slingshot model of production, with an eye to developing projects as part of the entire value chain through to distribution and audience development.

The programme, with support of partners Performing Arts Labs and Metropolitan Film School, aims to develop skills of film-makers as well a developing actual low-budget feature film projects for production.

Up to eight digital film projects will be selected for the programme in the first year (starting in October), which includes courses, a residential programme, mentors, workshops, test shoots and peer-topeer reviews.

“This award from Skillset is industry recognition of slingshot’s innovative approach to developing talent. Crafting and communicating strong stories also means addressing their commercial concerns and finding the audience that the film will ultimately resonate with,” said Rachel Connors, co-founder and head of development for Slingshot.

“These outcomes require different types of training and support – more than just script editing or leaving a writer alone in a room.”

Slingshot used a similar approach to develop its first feature currently in post-production, Sugarhouse Lane, starring Ashley Walters, Steven Mackintosh and Andy Serkis. Applications and guidelines are available at the Slingshot website.


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Tim Clague said...

I think me and the enigmatic Mr Singh will go for that with our joint effort - LooP