Friday, November 17, 2006

The name's Purvis, Purvis & Wade

Robert Wade and Neil Purvis have been the main writers for the last three James Bond movies, establishing themselves as the leading, and hottest, UK writers in the industry.

Here, they give an interview to BBC Online about the exciting release of Casino Royale.

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Stephen Gallagher said...

It's good to see Purvis and Wade getting their due, when so much of the coverage that I've seen has concentrated on Paul Haggis' polishing contribution -- it's clear that his role was vital in pulling off the tonal change in the franchise, but equally clear that he was brought in at a stage when all the architecure was in place.

To my eye, the groundwork for Craig's Bond was laid in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, a much tougher and emotionally-driven film than just about any that had gone before it. It had a vulnerable Bond, a real role for Sophie Marceau, and was marred mainly by the misuse of Robert Carlyle as a cartoon villain.

And let's not mention DIE ANOTHER DAY. Can we?