Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pitch On-line?

Do you know of a comprehensive list of production company websites that allow you to pitch ideas etc over the internet? Ipsofacto Films lets you to pich ideas/treatments etc via a web form but figured someone, somewhere must have complied a more comprehensive list...?

The only place I know on the web that allows you to pitch over the internet is Script Pimp, which is for the US, but there's a good few UK companies listed too. There's a subscription fee, surprise, but it's not too expensive, and you can query companies through their email system, or get your script recommended to them via Script Pimp's reading service. It's a neat little number by Chadwick Clough, the guy who runs it, as it guarantees him a living but there's still a wealth of info and contact details on there.

In the UK, I don't know of any similar service. Some production company websites say they'll accept unsolicited material but it's hard to seek them out. Marchmont Films have an open invitation once a year, I think, but there's a deadline (30 September) so make sure to check their website for more details.

There are companies out there, like Ipsofacto Films, who accept unsolicited scripts; you just have to visit their websites randomly to see which ones do or don't. This, obviously, is extremely hit and miss so maybe someone should ask Shooting People if there's a UK list, that might be a good idea... Otherwise, we could start a list here. If you know of any company who accepts unsolicited stuff, leave a comment or drop me an email. I'll collect all the details and post it on the blog.

Also, the Scribosphere is having an official launch of its chat service on Friday, 24th November, so check it out:

"Two chats will take place that day, in order to give the chance to all time zones. The first one will be at 08:00 PST. Make sure you convert the time to your time zone correctly if PST doesn't apply to you.

The second chat will be at 19:00 PST. Same here, make sure you convert correctly to other time zones.

Of course you're invited to join both chats, and actually it would be appreciated if you did. There will hopefully be different people in them, so you'll learn different stuff each time.

There's also going to be a topic for this chat, in order for you to get your thoughts together and share all the knowledge you sit on. The topic this time will be High Concept.

What's high concept?
How do you create high concept?
What movies are good examples of high concept?
Why should you write high concept?
How does high concept help you in the market?
Any general thoughts on high concept?

Since high concept, as many would say, is one of the most important things when it comes to screenwriting, you will hopefully gather new thoughts through this and improve yourself as an writer.

The chat can be found here."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Danny!

There's a pitch site I found recently, Virtualpitchfest that seems pretty interesting. Of course there's a fee to pitch, but it guarantees reply from the company you pitch to and I've heard some positive words about it. I don't know, never tried it, yet.

And the chat is gonna be great.