Friday, January 26, 2007

Action 07

"A training programme from Working Title Films.

Working Title Films is the UK's leading film production company. Four Weddings and a Funeral, Fargo, Elizabeth, Billy Elliot, Shaun of the Dead, Pride and Prejudice, The Interpreter, Bridget Jones's Diary and United 93 are some of the films we have made. In 2005, we successfully launched Billy Elliot, The Musical which is still running in London's West End. 2007 sees the release of an exciting line up of new films: Mr Bean's Holiday, Atonement, The Golden Age, Smokin' Aces and Hot Fuzz.

We are inviting three brand new candidates to apply for our intern placements in 2007. If you are successful, you will spend a year at Working Title Films in London. You will have the opportunity to work with our production and developemnt executives, learning from some of the best in the industry. You will learn about the film development and production process from the first idea to the big screen. You will see how an international production company operates and be given hands on experience in finding and developing scripts. You will get a valuable insight into the practicalities of film-making as well as learning how to nurture creative talent.

We aim to improve your opportunities for a successful career in the creative sector of feature film development and production by: expanding your understanding of b oth the creative process and the business of feature film development and production; improving your practical workplace skills; extending your range of industry contacts.

You should be smart, hard working and above all, passionate about film. You need to have some experience in the workplace and a proven commitment to a career in our industry. You need to be available to work on a full-time basis, Monday to Friday, from June 2007 for a year, and to attend interviews in London in April and May 2007. Bursaries of up to £14,000 will be awarded. Reasonable, pre-approved travel expenses to and from London for the selction process will be reimbursed.


- fill out an application form and return it with a letter to the Action Co-Ordinator (no more than one side of A4) saying why you would like to take up a placement and attach your CV and a current photograph.
- Tell us about yourself, your film background and any clubs or associations you belong to.
- Tell us about any office experience you have gained.
- Send your application recorded delivery if you require a return receipt. Notifications will not be sent to unsuccessful candidates.
- Get your application in EARLY (applications will be accepted from December 15th 2006 to February 23rd 2007). The sooner your application arrives the more time we will have time to consider it, and you!

- Send your application via email.
- Send showreels, scripts, etc, along with your application. Showreels and scripts received with the application will be destroyed without being viewed or read.
- Forget to send any part of the application: Letter, CV, Photo.
- Send your application at the last minute. Closing date is February 23rd, 2007.

Please contact the Action Co-Ordinator, Working Title Films, 76 Oxford Street, London W1D, 1BS, (applications will not be accepted via email). For more information, visit the website."

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