Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm waiting for a telephone call in order to go through some notes, so I'm procrastinating. To be slightly proactive, I decided to make a start on cleaning up my office. A whole winter's worth (and then some) of office flotsam and jetsam has been gathering, and I've been putting it off. Well, I've just done one corner of the room, and I threw out a mini-rainforest of paper, and curiously, the corner looks exactly the same as before, as if it hasn't been touched.

Anyway, I did find two screenplay booklets that might be of interest. One is a 'selected scenes' booklet from About a Boy (one of those 'for your consideration' booklets, but it's pretty smartly presented), and then, more impressively, a beautifully printed book of Catch Me If You Can that has an intro by Frank Abagnale, lovely illustrations from the film and the full screenplay. It's really quite nice.

But I'm giving it away. Both items. So, if you'd like them for your bookshelf, just email me and the fifth person to reply, gets the books. I should come up with a mini-competition and pose a question, or 'finish the sentence' type thing, but I don't think the prize is THAT cool, and no-one would enter, but everyone loves free stuff, so just email if you want to come get some.

**Deadline 8pm tonight** Winner announced in comments! How exciting. Maybe not...


Lucy V said...

Tell you what, I'll swap you for 'em. You can have all the crap off my desk. You may scoff, but there's some useful stuff here... hole punch, lavender oil, some air freshener, weirdly a paint roller, some plastic butterflies, some sweets and even a hairbrush to comb your lovely beard with. Deal?

Danny Stack said...

AAAAaaaand the winner is:

Stuart Perry!

Pop! *Balloons* *Champagne* *Extremely scantily clad women*

Maybe not the last bit.

Thanks to all those who emailed.

Stuart Perry said...

Wow! I've never won anything before. Cheers.

I'd like to thank the Academy, my mother, my pet dog... [orchestra starts up]

Frances Lynn said...

Damn! Too late. I've just peeked at your blog, which incidentally is gripping stuff. I've got a shelf full of screenwriting books - my latest one is Michael Hauge's Writing Screenplays That Sell.