Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Development Talk

There's going to be a Development Talk at the Lighthouse in Brighton next week. Thanks to Screenplay Europe for the heads up.

"An evening of questions and answers with two of the most respected script executives in the country Dan MacRae and Sarah Golding. Don't think about writing another script until you've heard what they have to say.

Dan was formerly Deputy Head of the Development Fund at the UK Film Council and an Executive at Working Title. His credits include RED ROAD and the forthcoming ATONEMENT.

Sarah is currently Head of Development for Potboiler Productions and was previously Head of Development for Skreba Films, Development Manager at Zenith Productions and Script Consultant for Yorkshire Television and Fair Game Films. Her credits include THE CONSTANT GARDENER, DEEP WATER, BROTHERS OF THE HEAD and the forthcoming THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES".

Date: Wednesday 9th May
Time: Doors and bar open at 6.30pm, event from 7.30pm
Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ
Cost: £5/£4 concs Lighthouse’s Digital Lounge. Spaces are limited. Reservations at"

Last year, I shared my flight home from Cannes with Dan MacRae. Sound man. And Potboiler are a good outfit, so it should be an interesting evening.

And, I'll do it quick, I promise. Five goals:-

Lose Some Weight
About half a stone would be fine. Strengthen my sagging stomach a bit. Help my back. Been out of the pool and the gym for a while.

Make Another Short
Alternatively, raise £100k and make a low budget feature. Why bloody not.

Big Commission
Get one of my TV series commissioned. Like, it could happen. We're *that* close.

New Initiative
Set up an exciting opportunity for new writers. Watch this space.

Finish Building My Time Machine
Then, go back in time to when I was 10, but with all my current knowledge (hey, my machine, my rules), and put everything into becoming a professional footballer. Finish my playing days at the age of 35 (which include 100 international caps, maybe captain? and a World Cup with Ireland) and pick up on my career as a screenwriter. Like, it could happen. Now, where’s my Phillips head screwdriver?


Lianne said...

'Set up an exciting opportunity for new writers. Watch this space'. Oh Danny, how you tease us!

Near by said...

ooo eee

Dominic Carver said...

'Exciting' doesn't cover it. Damn you, Danny, hurry up!

And if you need any talented writers for this TV series, then I'm your man (said with as much modesty as I can muster)?

Jason Arnopp said...

This Brighton evening will be the second event I've attended, specifically because of your blog.

Danny Stack: keeping Britain's writers off the streets.

Stuart Perry said...

Cheers for posting this, Danny. I shall be going too.

Jason Arnopp said...

See you there, Stuart!

Sal said...

When you build your time machine, could you squeeze in a couple of seats for passengers and please could I have one?

Lucy V said...

No way Sal, I've already reserved my place through extreme blackmail! Isn't that right Daniel?? *evil laugh*

Anonymous said...

I've been away on a meditation holiday in Quebec and return with many scriptwriting secrets that I will scatter across the Scribosphere like rose petals...But first, send me chocolate

Lucy V said...

That's my job and my chocolate Script Ninja, get back! Back!

Anonymous said...

Were you at Quebec as well???