Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Red Planet 2nd Round

From Red Planet's website:

"Thanks for your patience, but we've now decided on the finalists for the Red Planet Prize. The quality of entrants has been amazing and it's been incredibly hard to decide on those to make it through. Those that haven't made it, take heart. With two thousand entrants we had to be extremely exacting - so do please try again next year!

Over the next week, the finalists will receive requests for their full scripts. We can't, unfortunately, individually reply to everyone else, but do keep writing and thank you."


Paul Campbell said...

Oh, you tease!

Gareth Michael Turpie said...

No nails left...fingers permanantly knotted from crossing...but at least we'll know by the end of the week!
Good luck everyone!
See you there!
(Fakes confidence and goes back to dark room )

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Doesn't this mean that as of this moment no one has been accepted and no one rejected? So in fact the deadlline has been pushed back to the end of next week and only by the elapse of time will we gradually come to face the dawning realisation that we were in the 'No' pile all along! That's a bit harsh isn't it. Would be great to know as soon as anyone receives a 'Come on Down' e-mail so that I can move on without waiting around til this time next week in dwindling hope!

Danny Stack said...

I'll put a note up once everyone has been contacted so there's no lingering doubts... Shouldn't be that long.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Danny.

That is much appreciated.

Liz Holliday said...

What worries me is all the email I know has been going astray in both directions - it would be horrible to get through and never know about it! (The BSSC system has a lot to recommend it in hindsight...)

Liz Holliday said...

PS Thanks for the info, Danny!

William Gallagher said...

I think there's one excellent thing that's been lost in everyone's anxiety about the results (which I absolutely share) and the question of missing emails (that goes double here, I've had many problems lately) and it's that line about trying again next year.

Sorry if everyone already knew there'd be another one, but I didn't and I'm very glad to see there will be. My dwindled hope is that I won't need to enter, but I'm pleased Red Planet's seen this year's one as a success.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a marvellous competition. I hope Danny writes a blog about it, including his thoughts about the material he read.