Sunday, October 14, 2007

Save Kids' TV

While Jamie's School Dinners was a brilliant campaign by the cheeky chef to raise nutritional awareness all around the country, the knock-on effect meant that 'junk food' was no longer allowed to be advertised during children's telly.

Consequently, budgets for children's TV were slashed, and CiTV took a major hit, turning to rely on imports rather than home-grown commissions. And so, producers and writers have been denied work, and, according to Philip Pullman (patron of Save Kids' TV): "we should be able to trust the television channels to create and broadcast excellent programmes for our children, programmes which reflect the lives of modern British children in the society they know, as well as exploring the imaginative, the funny and the fascinating."

There is a now an on-line petition which will help thrust the Save Kids' TV campaign into the Government’s consciousness (on the 10 Downing Street website). With Ofcom’s consultation on the future of children’s broadcasting under way until the 20th December, now is the time for everyone to sign up in support. A couple of clicks could make all the difference. Sign up here. The Save Kids’ TV website has more on the petition and its aims.

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Thank you, Danny, posting this is absolutely brilliant!