Friday, November 16, 2007

Save Kids' TV Petition


You may have seen this on the blog last month:

"There is a now an on-line petition which will help thrust the Save Kids' TV campaign into the Government’s consciousness (through the 10 Downing Street website). A couple of clicks could make all the difference. Sign up here. The Save Kids’ TV website has more on the petition and its aims."

They've got about 3,000 signatures, which is great, but they need at least 8,000 if they're going to make any kind of impression. If you've already clicked and signed, then lovely-jubbly, but if not, stick your name down, it's all good. SIGN HERE. And then spread the word: blog, web, text, i-pigeon, whatever takes your fancy.

** UPDATE: To check out the Save Kids' TV blog, where a new animated character called KC tries to find a commission, click here.


You can also sign a petition to support the WGA strike, here.

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Lucy V said...

Nice one Danny, already signed the kids' TV one - just to remind everyone reading this that not only are our kids going to grow up with a skewed values system if they don't get telly that reflects OUR society (much as I love American TV, the fact that we both speak English does NOT mean we are the same society-wise), but on a more selfish level these could be YOUR scriptwriting jobs going down the pan. Think you're above kids' TV??? Think on.

You may also like to know there is a letter writing campaign going on for the WGA strike...Details on my blog.