Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Writing for Comedy

There's a Raindance weekend course on Writing for Comedy coming up on the 8th/9th December, hosted by comedy TV writer Dave Cohen. He's invited me along on the Saturday afternoon to talk about what film companies are looking for in a comedy script. If you're interested in the course, check out the details HERE, and/or have a look at a Q&A with Dave, HERE.

In non-work related news: I have been mourning the recent passing of my iPod. Born in 2004 for a princely sum of £350 (as a treat from my script competition winnings), died in 2007 of a hard drive failure. I'm told it had a remarkable life: two separate Apple stores saying what good condition it was in (er, hello, it's broken!).

They excitedly referred to my iPod as 'old school', as if they were privileged to be holding a long-lost relic of technology. £350 for only 3 years' life. Not good. The price and range of iPods are better nowadays but it's still quite costly (to me anyway), and I'm a bit reluctant to 'upgrade'. I checked out the iTouch and the iPhone but they're not for me. Maybe I'll go with the 8GB Nano or one of the Classics, I haven't made my mind up, but if anyone's got any recommendations about Sony or whatever, just shout (but can I still use my iTunes?).


John Soanes said...

Whilst most people seem to want to have their entire music collection with them, I don't, so I've been more than happy with a Sony 1GB 'Bean' over the last couple of years (there's more info here .
It holds up to 45 CDs, has a battery life of something like 48h (compares well with the iPods, which I gather are very battery-hungry?), and perhaps best of all, is pretty cheap - usually less than £100, I think.
And as far as I know, no problems with running iTunes stuff - I download podcasts, convert 'em, and all is well...
I know this post'll make me look hopelessly out of touch, but unless you're travelling around Oz or something, I really don't see the need to have all your music with you.
Modern technology? Hah, bumhug!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, John. Bumhug indeed. Although the 8GB Nano is slowly convincing me.

Anonymous said...

I have a 4GB Nano and think it's the job - Berns.

Robin Kelly said...

I do tend to look for value for money and can't get my head around buying a 8gb machine for £120 as opposed to a 60gb one for £180.

At least now the nano has video it makes more sense but still...

I suppose it depends on how big your music collection is.

Lucy V said...

Here's a thought...


Works for me. Everyone knows iPods are clearly the work of Satan -"they" use the digitalness to beam unhealthy thoughts direct into your brainpan. Cut out the middleman and think the unhealthy thoughts yourself you lazy b*******, I'll kill you all--

--Oops there I go again. I have this down to a fine art, you know. If you want lessons I am cheaper than an iPod. Send coffee, chocolate and pictures of Ryan Reynolds.

Oli said...

When I bought my iPod in February, it was near top of the line. Now they don't even make it any more, the 'Classic' is both better spec and cheaper, and my hair has been torn from my head. Bastards.

Jason Arnopp said...

Danny's iPod, RIP.

I've had an iPod Shuffle for a few years now (well, two actually, since I left one in a hotel room) and that's all I need. I fill it with my 120 favourite songs of the moment and enjoy it randomly firing them at me. Great for the gym especially. (Hmmmm, must get back down there. Maybe after Christmas...)

Anonymous said...


Well I personally think that you should definitely get some sort of music system (even if you do have to betray the ipod sector), as music is clearly a motivating writing factor!!
I have a big ipod, think it's an 80gb and although it's only half full it's great (I have also downloaded a progamme which enables me to convert my own films to ipod format, some of which are on there - and also a "crucial" medium for screenwriters)!! I have a speaker for it as well.
Also, if you were used to an ipod previously I think it would save a lot of hastle than if you went for a new make which would mean that you would have to convert formats for all your music!
Good luck with the search!