Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last Night

Did you see it? Good wasn't it? Funny, tense, scary, touching. Yep, Masterchef was on top form. Oh, that thing on afterwards wasn't bad either. And Reaper on E4+1 was good fun, too.


evil twinz said...

I loved Reaper! Which I wasn't expecting to. At all.

And that thing after Masterchef... You must mean Honest on ITV1, right? Family dramas with a twist. Just what we need more of, lol. Seriously James' ep of TW was top notch. And I don't even like TW. I only watched it because Lucy would have tortured me otherwise (it's difficult being related to her, know what I mean?? Well you must do, you live near her. My sympathies).


Dominic Carver said...

Twas a truely awesome bit of TV, even my 3 month old son loved it.

Lucy V said...

Darren (aka evil twin), I didn't say I would torture you... I said I would cut a certain part of your anatomy off, there's a difference.


And btw Danny I'm not technically related to him, unless you count via marriage and a step-marriage at that!

Anonymous said...

Thought TW was really good, very moving with some cracking action.

Loved 'Reaper' too.