Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Torchwood Tonight

Special shout out to our blogging homeboy James Moran (who was the first ever UK scribo-blogger, or so he claims) for his episode of Torchwood tonight, called Sleeper. Most of you won't need reminding that James wrote the hit film Severance, released last year. Since then, lots of big and exciting stuff is happening for this hugely talented and hard working fella, who's a diamond geezer to boot. Yes, yes, gush gush, but it's all true, guv, honest.

Torchwood seems to be getting its act together nicely. After a shaky start to series one, it had enough potential and promise for a second run, and last week's opener was a blast as James Marsters crashed into the lives of the Torchwood team.

If you're going to be around your telly-box at around 9pm, then flick it on to BBC2 to watch The Mighty Moran's episode unfold. And tomorrow, check out Torchwood Declassified (Thursday 24th Jan, 7.50pm, BBC2) as the behind the scenes show details how this episode is one of the most ambitious and adventurous to date: "writer James Moran explains the vision he had for this episode and how he came to write such a bold story for his first ever Torchwood script." There, it's official, James had a vision. No pressure, big boy. Go get 'em.


Dominic Carver said...

Hurrah for James!!!! Looking forward to it. Good luck, mate.

Lucy V said...

Danny! Did you know your half brother (or possible love child?)Christopher Stack of Deep Structure in LA has put his short up online? Link over at mine.

Danny Stack said...

And damn fine it is, too. Well done, Mr Stack! Excerise in Vigilance, seven minute short film)