Monday, February 04, 2008

Job Opportunity

My agent at PFD has moved to United Agents, so I've followed her to the new set up. Anyway, on their new website, I noticed this, and thought it a great opportunity for anyone who's young, mean and keen, well maybe not so mean...


Assistant to Film/TV Dept

The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills and have a keen interest in the industry. You should also be able to use initiative and have experience as an Assistant.

Applications in writing should be sent to:
HR Manager
United Agents
130 Shaftesbury Avenue

Applications by email should go to:
employment (at)

United Agents Ltd do not accept applications by telephone. Due to the often large response to our advertised positions, United Agents Ltd are not always in a position to respond to all applications. All successful applicants will be contacted within two weeks. Please accept our apologies if we do not respond in this time and thank you for thinking of United Agents Ltd.


Oh, they're also looking for a 'Runner'.

"The ideal candidate should be a self starter, keen to help and willing to do a variety of tasks. Ideally you should have some knowledge of I.T. and working with phones, but this is not essential."

Same contact details as above.


Lucy V said...

As you know Danny I started as a "runner" back in the day too... Though I've never heard it called that before. General dogsbody: tea making, tidying, filing and whatnot. And the phone calls you'll be taking will be suicidal clients threatening never to write anything again or homicidal ones wanting to throttle the life out the work experience kid who read their scripts... Which you also are, yet have to pretend NOT to be. Fun - it really is! I learned absolutely loads and am so pleased I did that.

Anonymous said...

Being a runner is great! You get to know everyone, get a taste of how everything works, and even though you do the little jobs, they're usually quite important in the scheme of things.