Thursday, February 14, 2008


This April, I'll be running not one, but two workshops about screenwriting at the Lighthouse Arts Centre in Poole. The lovely Rosie Jones, networker extraordinaire, who coordinates the Prequel to Cannes event, asked me if I was interested in leading a workshop or two, and has set them up with help/support from White Lantern Films.

The first workshop is called 'Getting Ahead in Scriptwriting'. Less a 'How to Write' class (although we will look at certain craft issues) but more 'How to Cope' (!) with the ups and downs of trying to become a professional screenwriter: what's expected of you, what the system is really like, how to improve your chances etc. Here's a bigger run down:


Day 1: Film

“Don’t Give Up the Day Job”: the financial and practical (and even emotional!) issues of trying to become a screenwriter. Writing a spec screenplay.

“Read Me!”: Submitting your work to agents/producers/production companies. How to get an agent. Getting work. How much you’ll get paid.

“Feeding the Monster”: learning to love rejection.

“Pitching”: What the hell’s a logline? The fear of pitching face-to-face. Tips/techniques. How to write an effective synopsis/treatment.

Guest talk from writer/director Tim Clague.

“Short Films” - the pros and cons of writing a short, and possibly making it yourself.

“Script Techniques”: the truth about voice-over, flashback, split-screen and other screenwriting devices.

“The Hollywood Game”: breaking into the American market.

“Writing for Free”: choosing the projects that don’t pay upfront.

“Script reading/editing”: useful side-work, or getting other necessary part-time work to cover basic income.

Day 2: TV/Multimedia & Radio

Attendees pitch their loglines/ideas that they’ve prepared overnight.

“The Working Writer”: writing for soaps (Doctors, EastEnders, etc) or TV series. How to get these opportunities. What the process is like.

“Treatments/Series Bibles”: creating your own ideas and packaging them for the market.

“Writing a Pilot Script”: writing the pilot script of your original idea.

“Multimedia”: What is interactive drama? The growing opportunities and platforms of the market. Computer games, online ‘webisodes’, mobile phones etc.

“Radio Plays”: what opportunities are out there, how and when to apply/submit.

“The 5 Year Plan”: how do you know if you’re making it? When should you give up? How do you stay on track?


The workshop will be held over the weekend of April 5th and 6th. Full pricing and booking details will be available through the Lighthouse centre or through Rosie/White Lantern. If you live outside of Bournemouth/Poole and fancy the course, then why not come down to the coast for the weekend? The weather's good, the beach is amazing and the accommodation won't cost as much as London.

A couple of weeks later, on Saturday 19th April, I'll be doing a one-day course called the "Basics of Screenwriting", which will do exactly as it says on the tin.

I'll confirm all the details/links closer the time but just thought I'd put a shout out now, in case any of you are interested.


Lucy V said...

Don't forget Skillset covers this sorta thing too, guys. GO TO THEIR WEBSITE AND APPLY. Writers - they HAVE to give out money to people, it might as well be you, right?

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks!

JaneyRuth Ramirez said...

Thanks for the heads-up!

Tim Clague said...

Looking forward to it Danny. See you there.