Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sofia's Diary

Here's the official jibber jabber on Sofia's Diary - the new interactive soap that I've been working on - in case any of you krazy kats want to check it out. I wrote weeks 1 & 2, and weeks 7 & 8. New webisodes, daily 5.30pm.

"Sofia's Diary is Bebo's brand new online drama that will follow 17-year-old Sofia Taylor as she adjusts to a new life living with her dad, step mum and baby step-brother after being sent to London by her mum after accidentally blowing up the school chemistry lab! Sofia is feisty and witty with a fast, smart answer for (almost) every situation she gets herself into at school, at work and beyond – things are never dull!

Each week day Sofia and her friends will update their video diaries with 2-3 minute installments at Sofia's Bebo webpage as well as their own Bebo profiles, with the audience following the story and engaging directly with each character for a truly interactive online experience. Like KateModern, Sofia's Diary will blur the line between fiction and reality by combining real events and fiction. In a unique twist, each week fans will literally decide which way Sofia should turn regarding an important decision in her life, with their vote determining the outcome.

Based on an international format owned by Sony Pictures Television International, Sofia’s Diary is being produced by Irish producers Campbell Ryan Film Productions for Bebo and shot on location across London. The cross-media series will be funded through advertising, with a range of sponsors set to integrate their products seamlessly into the series. Beginning on Bebo, Sofia’s Diary is set to become a multiplatform brand, stretching across print, radio, podcasts and more.

Conceived by Nuno Bernardo, Sofia’s Diary was originally launched in Portugal in 2003 as an experimental web and mobile service. The original programme now has 200,000 visitors per month online, over 19,000 mobile subscribers and has run four series on Portuguese state broadcaster, RTP2. The series has since been adapted for audiences in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Vietnam and now the UK."


Lucy V said...

I taught Danny everything he knows...


Not really: well done sir, you is the man, innit.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, looks good so far!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this series looks really promising, I'll have to tune it to it definitely. The only problem is that I tried clicking of the links to Sophie's Diary, and it sayd blog not shown. I'll have to search for it somewhere else I guess. The person that created that web series should seriously consider submitting her work to the Primtime Emmys.

I work with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and I am getting all kinds of filmmakers to submit their web series and webisodes up for consideration at this year's Primtime Emmys presentation. I think amateur filmmakers really deserve to be put in the spotlight for their work, and I love the format in which they're presented. I think it's the future of tv programming, as if it isn't already. Just go online to http://www.emmys.com to find out more info on how you can submit your work! Does anyone plan on submitting?

Danny Stack said...

Thanks MusicRocker - have fixed that link (it was the same one as the first link anyway). No idea if the producers are planning on submitting to the Emmy's! I'd say it's not on their minds right now as they're so busy with the launch of the show, and every thing else will follow from that, I guess... Still, I'll let them know!

Paul Campbell said...

Nice one, Mr Stack.

Riding the new media wave once again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Can you tell me the best way to start a script?

Here's a sample of what I'm writing:

"Traveling To Belfast

I don’t know what happened. One minute I’m enjoying life with just me, my girlfriend and my mp3 player. Next thing I know, I’m packing my suitcase and am on the train and heading north." (John's Diary by Brian Geraghty)

How does that seem for a start?

Danny Stack said...

Hi Brian

Looks like the start of a book rather than a script, unless you've left out the formatting on purpose (INT. MOVING CAR. DAY etc).

Only you can decide the best way to start a script, although there are tips to be found on the blog if you look to the sidebar (popular posts) or do a general search. The start you have (voice over dialogue?) is fine but is also a bit familiar (we've all seen this kind of beginning) so you might want to think of interesting or alternative images/dialogue/situation to make it stand out a bit more.

Hope that helps!