Saturday, March 01, 2008

TV Drama Forum

Broadcast are holding a TV Drama Forum at the end of March, "bringing together a wealth of talent and expertise to inform and inspire". It certainly looks like a great line-up (and networking nirvana) as the leading UK TV writers, producers and execs are all going to pitch in with their pearly pearls.

Here's the catch. It's a whopping £449 + VAT to attend. Total: £527.58. Yikes-erama. True, it's like having all the relevant movers & shakers in one room for just one day but that registration fee is going to be a struggle for any jobbing freelancer who would love to attend (i.e me & you).

Not sure Skillset would cover this one (it's not really a training course, more a forum/conference thingy, but would certainly be useful for any freelancer to attend). Anyway, if you want the full skinny, check out the TV Drama Forum website.


On a completely different note. I'll be shuffling my feet in the 5k Bournemouth Bay Run at the end of March, y'know, to actually get out of the house once in a while and do something resembling excercise. It's all in aid of the British Heart Foundation, a good cause, so if you'd like to sponsor me a few pennies or a couple of quid (literally, just whatever; a couple of people have been far too generous already), then click on my fundraising page and follow the easy peasy lemon squeasy instructions. I thang-ew.


Anonymous said...

Class. Best of luck with run.

Lucy V said...

Yeah, you rock. I can't run longer than the end of the sodding road and I live in the middle of the street, not even at the end!

Re: the Writers' Forum, the price tag is ultra scary but I don't see why Skillset wouldn't fund it - you can learn the most from asking those who actually do what you want to. Perhaps an email to the bods at Skillset would clear it up - if you don't ask, you don't get and all that.

Piers said...

I suspect the price tag is that high to keep out the Hoi Polloi.

It's that or the Screenwriters' Festival for me.

So unless Skillset wants to give me money, I fear it ain't gonna happen.

Danny Stack said...

Have emailed Skillset. Will let you know if they reply/what they say.

Lucy V said...

Cheers sir! They've just given me moolah for the Adrian Mead course in Edinburgh soon so I can't apply so soon. Be interesting to hear what they have to say about a Forum like this.

Danny Stack said...

Thank you to the lovely people who have sponsored me so far but you are too generous!! I was thinking more between £2 and £5, that would be fab! Any higher and I'll have to break the 5k in under half hour to make sure you get good value for your wonga (now look what you've done!).

Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

Ouch, I drew a sharp intake of breath at that price tag and I'm not even thinging about singing up.

Writing can be a costly business to be in :)