Thursday, April 03, 2008

Write for Hollyoaks?

Here's something that might appeal:

"As part of the upcoming new talent month, Channel 4 are giving Hollyoaks fans the chance to write an entire episode of the show. For the very first time, aspiring writers have the chance to put words into the mouths of the Hollyoaks cast and see their work come to life on screen.

The competition is designed to seek out the most promising new drama writing talent in the UK. Entrants are tasked to script four scenes based on an old storyline and from these a winner will be selected. They will be given exclusive access to future Hollyoaks storylines, get commissioned to write a full show and work with the production team to get their script on air."

Full details are available at the website where there's writing tips from producer Bryan Kirkwood. Terms and conditions are HERE but the microsite has all the details.


Schmucks with Underwoods said...

Applicants must primarily have the gift of polishing turds. Sorry, Dan, couldn't resist that. It's such an awful series. I wrote a trial script and was forced to watch it and it was like root canal surgrery. Humour that consistently falls flat, totally unsympathetic characters. God it was awful. As you can imagine, I didn't get the gig. My disdain must have come through on the page ;-) Now I don't watch soaps but I did start looking at other soaps at the time and I noticed that the quality of the writing was far higher on Cor. Street. I found myself actually chuckling and the characterizations were good, it felt real.

Lucy V said...

I abolsutely adore Corrie, have watched it since I was a wee girl -doesn't mean they don't have shite storylines from time to time though, I'm not overly keen on this Leanne/burning down the restaurant one for instance. And the Martin/Katy one was horrid and did nothing to help parents who really DO have a 16 year old girl going out with a 35 year old mine. I would not be happy with that AT ALL and Corrie *seemed* to condone it I thought.

I'm quite into Hollyoaks these days. Where else can you get naked arses before 7pm?

Lucy V said...

"35 year old mine" - WTF?


Anonymous said...

I see they want to know entrants' I see it there is absolutely no reason to ask a writer's age ....anyone fancy hazarding a guess at what the upper unofficial cut-off is for the full Summer Strallen PR spin on the winner? My guess would be 28


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, maybe a clue can be retrieved from the following on the site:

You must be over 16 and a UK resident to enter.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, only four scenes? Seems worth a punt, but the amount of entries will probs be HUGE.

Robin Kelly said...

I do dip into Hollyoaks from time to time and I do think it is more consistently good now than it used to be.

I agree about Corrie in that even through the weak storylines it still has cracking dialogue and true characterisations. And it is often much funnier than certain sitcoms.

In terms of the age requirements, Hollyoaks would be a bit hypocritical secretly choosing from the young folks considering how many on the writing team weren't exactly young when they were writing for Brookside several years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Frank and Robin

I take your points about age but my point is can't be the case that they've run short of good writers and this is the only way of finding a new one! This is a PR stunt, which is absolutely fine, but you have to be realistic about what kind of PR C4 are looking for...I have worked for C4, I have many many friends who still do, and when it comes to demographics, they are obsessed with youth more than any other channel out there. It didn't used to be like that, but it is now. I think this is just a C4 (NOT Lime Pictures) exercise in appealing to da kidz.

Maybe I'm wrong...but I'm not!


Anonymous said...


Ironically I think they would also find it a great PR story if the winner was in their 80's and a big fan of the show..kinda post-ironic counter-ageism with a twist see-what-I-did-there?

I think I might enter and put my age as 86..see what happens


Anonymous said...

Gimmick written all over it. Hollyoaks have been giving a lot of people trials in the last year (with very little intention of expanding a fairly large writing staff) then blowing them off in the most cursory manner. I think it's something that's been noted among agents and isn't enhancing the reputation of Lime Pictures. It's a shame, as under Phil Redmond, Mersey TV really did give a lot of people their first chance at a produced credit.