Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Liquid Lunch, Coming Soon!

Last week, I filmed a new comedy web series called Liquid Lunch. It's about two guys who regularly meet in a pub to break up the monotony of their working day but when they realise life is passing them by, they decide to do something about it... or will it end up as just pub talk?

I developed the scripts with the leads Dan Doolan (seated left in the above pic) and Chris Billingham (seated right in pic; both young writing/acting bucks to watch out for).

It was great fun to shoot, and the webisodes should be ready to watch in about a month or so. The dedicated website and Facebook page will be up soon but you can follow the Twitter feed to keep up with all the relevant snippets and links!


Anonymous said...

Hey great work, look forward to seeing it on the interweb!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Brett!