Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Liquid Lunch: Ep3 Teaser

Thanks to everyone who's been supporting Liquid Lunch get around the internets! It really makes a huge difference to the kind of audience it can reach. Most of this online action is through Twitter, Facebook, blogs and emails but I'll take even real word of mouth (chatting to a co-worker) right down to morse code or carrier pigeon.

Episode 3 is coming up on Friday 3rd June, so here's a short teaser of what's in store for Ollie and Alex.

If you haven't seen eps 1 & 2 yet, then here's what you've missed so far.
You can also watch the show on Funny Or Die and give it the vote of your choice (DerrenBrownMindTrick *FUNNY* EndDerrenBrownMindTrick).


storygas said...

Hey Tim
posted some links at

hope it gets you some googlejuice!

How many eps do you think it'll run????

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Neil! It's a 6-part series, so will run until Fri 24th June!